New builds and renovation projects

Eiffage Construction, a key player in the construction and public works market, specialises in new-build and renovation projects for both the public and private sectors. Its highly qualified teams are capable of undertaking deeply complex projects and are meticulous in assisting clients at every stage, from initial design right through to operations.
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A reference actor of building

A fully consolidated solution to satisfy all market sectors

The approach adopted by Eiffage Construction is based on consolidating the full scope of its cross-functional skills right from the initial stages of a project. This enables teams to consider building projects in their entirety, from the initial design stage through to operations and maintenance.
As a result, Eiffage Construction is regularly awarded contracts for major projects and performs them within the framework of specific guidelines adapted to each situation: design and build, design-build-operate-maintain (DBOM), Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) and public-private partnerships (PPP).

New methods for design and construction

Eiffage Construction places particular emphasis on innovation, a factor that has led the company to success in gaining new markets. Its expertise in smart modular construction techniques has earned it renown in the construction of timber-framed buildings.

In 2016, the company won a contract to build the Hypérion Tower in Bordeaux, one of the tallest wooden residential developments.

In Ris-Orangis, Eiffage Construction also completed the largest timber housing structure ever built in Europe.

Major provider

of EPC-based energy-efficiency retrofits for residential buildings



A sustainable, qualitative approach to meet relevant standards in terms of costs, lead times and the environment.


Established experience in handling major projects requiring cross-functional synergy.


Expertise in energy-efficiency retrofits for residential buildings and the rehabilitation and preservation of real-estate assets.

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Eiffage Construction provides solutions that are fully adapted to financial considerations and the real needs of households. The company designs and implements turnkey solutions grouped together under the Eiffabitat® brand.

These adaptable, cost-effective, responsible solutions are ideally suited to the needs of families, young professionals, students, seniors and elderly dependents.

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Tertiary sector

Eiffage’s construction business targets the tertiary sector through new builds and renovations for office buildings.

The company acts as a constructor-developer or general contractor for tertiary projects of all shapes and sizes.

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Industrial buildings

Eiffage Construction applies its long-standing specialist know-how to the construction of turnkey solutions for factories, research centres, warehouses, maintenance workshops, clean rooms, dust-free rooms and logistical platforms.

It is active in a wide range of different industry sectors including energy, agri-food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automobile, distribution and transport.

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Eiffage Construction is France’s number one provider of housing renovation solutions through energy performance contracts (EPC).

Rénovalis has also helped establish the company's expertise in energy-efficiency retrofits and rehabilitation of real-estate assets.

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Public facilities

Eiffage Construction has extensive expertise in building and renovating public facilities.

It undertakes a range of government procurement projects including office buildings, courthouses, prisons, health facilities, public buildings and schools. The company also builds administrative, cultural, sports and educational facilities for local authorities.

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In France and abroad, Eiffage Construction Grands Projects covers everything from initial studies to completion of complex projects.

Eiffage Construction Grand Projects providing expertise in organising and managing exceptional projects in line with three key principles: Capitalising on experience ; Ensuring tender proposals are effective and reliable ; Controlling risks.

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140 wooden residential units

140 wooden residential units

Ris-Orangis (91), FranceConstruction
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