A decentralised structure
with specialist subsidiaries

Eiffage Construction focuses on building an extensive network backed by a thorough understanding of specific local requirements. The company has nine regional branches and several international business units that provide a fully comprehensive offering based on its core expertise in urban planning, real estate, construction and maintenance. It also has a number of other specialist subsidiaries able to meet specific project requirements.

a local approach

A decentralised structure

Eiffage Construction benefits from a highly decentralised structure comprising nine regional branches, each with the power to make their own decisions . These regional branches oversee some 80 establishments throughout France, ensuring nationwide coverage. This decentralised structure is key to ensuring full awareness and understanding of customer needs and local specificities.

Ten regional branches:
• Centre East
• East
• West
• Île-de-France
• North East
• North West
• South
• South East
• South West

Eiffage Construction also has several business units that cover its main areas of expertise and specialist services outside France. Find out more about Eiffage expertise below.

urban planning division

Eiffage Aménagement

Eiffage Aménagement draws on more than 30 years of experience and is a preferred partner for local authorities seeking to develop their urban planning strategies.

real estate

Eiffage Immobilier

Eiffage Immobilier has set itself apart through unique positioning as a building specialist and property developer.

Backed by Eiffage Construction’s expertise, its multi-faceted approach has made the company one of the top ten property developers in France.

key projects

Eiffage Construction Grands Projets

In France and abroad, Eiffage Construction Grands Projects covers everything from initial studies to completion of complex projects.


Eiffage Benelux

Eiffage Benelux enjoys an established presence in the construction and renovation industry for buildings of all types as well as civil engineering, infrastructure and industrial projects.


Eiffage Poland

In the space of 30 years, Eiffage Construction has cemented its reputation in Poland as a major player in the building industry and has expanded into property development.

With more than 650 projects, the name of Eiffage Poland is associated with the most complex and daring achievements.


Eiffage Switzerland

Headquartered in Kloten, Canton of Zurich, Eiffage Switzerland, the new name of Priora AG acquired by Eiffage Construction in March 2018, is one of the leading construction companies in German-speaking Switzerland.

Eiffage Switzerland is active in new construction and rehabilitation in the residential, tertiary and public facilities sectors. She also develops real estate development operations for landowners.

timber construction

Low carbon construction

Eiffage Construction has been developing modular construction and timber-based construction solutions for over 10 years. Although wood has always been a traditional building material, it also represents the future.

This sector is represented by Eiffage Construction Bois, Savare & B3 Ecodesign.

Pradeau Morin

Pradeau Morin

Alongside its prowess in standard construction methods, Pradeau Morin has developed extensive expertise in the renovation and conservation of heritage sites.

industrial construction

Eiffage Construction Industries

Eiffage Construction Industries makes factory-built modules ready to be installed on site, such as the HVA ConceptTM bathroom module.

The company designs innovative concepts as part of its ongoing drive to reduce build times and costs, simplify site work and promote sustainable development.