Ethical partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors

A code of ethics, a shared set of values

The Eiffage code of ethics clearly states its fundamental principles: responsibility, trust, transparency, exemplarity, respectful relations with clients, employees and partners, and zero conflict of interest.

These are the fundamental values upon which Eiffage Construction has built its relations with suppliers. Other important precepts include fairness, integrity, respect for individual rights and obligations, an active contribution to the local economy, job creation and support for integration initiatives.

Preventing corruption

Eiffage Construction prohibits any practices that involve offering or accepting undue rewards or granting unjustified benefits to any person with the aim of obtaining preferential treatment or to influence the outcome of negotiations. At an international level, all partnership agreements signed by Eiffage contain a clause committing each party to compliance with anti-corruption rules.

Stable relations with suppliers

Suppliers and subcontractors are essential to Eiffage Construction’s development strategy. They are key in terms of innovation and responsible purchasing. For this reason, Eiffage Construction seeks to initiate lasting, equitable relations with partners who share its values.

Local and regional expertise is favoured in the selection and attribution of contracts to suppliers and subcontractors. Eiffage Construction backs a purchasing policy that contributes to the integration of disabled workers and encourages innovation.

Eiffage has chosen to maintain lasting, equitable relations with suppliers and subcontractors who share its values.

Promoting responsible purchases

The responsible supplier relations charter is based on 10 commitments:

  • Financial fairness in relations with suppliers.
  • Collaboration between major purchasers and strategic suppliers.
  • Limiting mutual dependency between major purchasers and suppliers.
  • Involvement and engagement of major purchasers within their business sectors.
  • Consideration for total cost of purchases.
  • Consideration for environmental issues.
  • Local and regional responsibility of the company.
  • Professionalization of purchasers.
  • Management of supplier relations through purchasing.
  • Remuneration of purchasers in compliance with the code of conduct.
With the introduction of paperless workflows, all invoices are managed online within the Eiffage information system.

Digital transition and new methods of communication

Eiffage Construction uses the Eiffage group supplier portal to issue paperless invoices. The system also gives suppliers access to their accounts for updates on account status and payment details. Another feature of the system is a specialised e-procurement tool that facilitates purchasing procedures and validates purchase orders.