Eiffage values

"Making the difference" is more than a slogan, it is the signature of our Group, the reflection of the commitment of our employees, united by the sharing of common values that have been the bedrock of our identity since origin. Exemplarity, responsibility, trust, transparency, lucidity, courage and pugnacity ... Being a Eiffage collaborator means living these values on a daily basis, in one's decisions and achievements.


Exemplary is the basis of respect for others

Through it, the Group's values become concrete. We do not ask others what we would not impose on ourselves.

Whatever the circumstances, we act ethically, conscientiously and in strict compliance with the rules.


Each employee represents and commits the Group

At Eiffage, each of them represents and commits the Group, each at its level is responsible for the human and material resources entrusted to it.

Through empowerment, autonomy is preserved, decisions and initiatives are encouraged at the grassroots level.


All employees benefit from the trust of their hierarchy...

...who will also support him facing difficulties. Actions are collective and not built at the expense of others. Trust is a mark of recognition, it is the cement of cohesion and contributes to the development of everyone.

Trust also governs Eiffage's relationship with its stakeholders and fosters a long-term partnership.


Trust requires transparency

At Eiffage, the stakes are shared. Everyone knows what is expected of him and what he can expect from others. Trust requires transparency.

The given information is reliable and exhaustive. It must be transmitted promptly. Concealment and falsification are not accepted. Everyone must bear the consequences of his actions. The error is admitted; only his repetition makes a mistake.


Being an Eiffage collaborator means seeing and expressing things clearly and accurately...

...being aware of his abilities but also of his limitations. This allows the right assessment of risk and the mobilization of required resources.

Lucidity provides the guarantee of achievable goals and commitments.


Being an Eiffage employee is an enthusiastic commitment at the service of projects...

...with perseverance and pugnacity, but without stubbornness and having the strength to face and overcome difficulties.

It is also knowing how to show managerial courage towards its employees.