Our commitments
for the future

Eiffage Construction CSR policy has three underlying goals: drive the ecological transition, preserve human capital and improve society. The company has made strong commitments in each of these three areas.

ecological transition

the ecological transition

Eiffage Construction is fully aware of its responsibility to the environment, which forms an integral part of its work on a daily basis. Efforts include biodiversity protection on worksites, a smaller ecological footprint, reduced consumption of resources such as water, fossil fuels and raw materials, and enhanced energy performance for all building developments.

The use of eco-friendly materials and processes is a key priority for Eiffage R&D and innovation policy.

human capital

human capital

In the construction industry, everything hinges on the people whose vocation it is to build. Human capital is Eiffage Construction’s most precious resource and, as such, it must be protected and valued.

The company is well aware of this challenge and dedicates substantial resources to building and training its teams, creating a healthy workplace conducive to professional fulfilment and offering each of its employees a chance to develop and grow.

social footprint


Eiffage Construction dedicates the necessary resources to support social causes to which it holds dear.

The company has a long history of actively promoting integration through employment and helping people in disadvantaged situations get back to work. It offers a growing number of initiatives to enhance the employability of young people and seniors, to promote diversity, equal opportunity and gender equality, and to overcome obstacles to the integration of disabled people in the workplace.