Eiffage is committed to pushing social impact to its full potential

As an employer and member of the community, Eiffage Construction spearheads a range of initiatives aimed at promoting integration through employment, ensuring equal opportunity, encouraging diversity and supporting people with disabilities.

Integration and equal opportunity

Eiffage Construction works closely with local and regional stakeholders and is very actively involved in promoting integration through employment and equal opportunity. Since 1993, it has been a founding member of CREPI, a regional network of companies that promote integration through employment.

The company has endorsed France's business charter for equal opportunity in education as well as the national apprenticeship charter, and welcomes a number of applicants through work-study programmes.

Through CREPI, Eiffage supports integration initiatives that promote access to work and study in priority zones.
  • 45,000
    people have benefited from integration programmes through the CREPI network from their creations

An active disability policy

Eiffage Construction sees diversity as a source of innovation and progress. In 2009, the company signed an agreement with AGEFIPH—a French association that promotes employment of people with disabilities—to give a more structured framework to its disability policy. Today, it pursues its own initiatives based on five major criteria:

  • Raising awareness and communication.
  • Job stability.
  • Recruitment and integration.
  • The use of protective and adapted measures.
  • Forward planning of available positions and necessary skills.
Eiffage recruits disabled people for long-term positions, in some cases through work-study contracts.

The Eiffage Foundation targets specialised initiatives

Since its creation in 2008, Eiffage has backed more than 250 projects spanning a range of fields:

  • Illiteracy.
  • Youth training.
  • Employment and integration of people in disadvantaged situations (physical handicap, life crisis, poor accommodation, etc.).
  • Access to housing.
  • Sport, community-spirit initiatives and culture.
The Eiffage Foundation supports integration projects for people facing exclusion, no matter what type of difficulty they have encountered.
  • 300
    employees and retirees provide mentorship for the Eiffage Foundation.

Skills-based sponsorship

Eiffage Construction and its use their skills to support a range of causes, such as renovating heritage buildings like the Picasso Museum and refurbishing Abbé Pierre charity shops.

Through a corporate patronage initiative, Eiffage Construction carried out renovations to Hotel Salé, part of the Picasso Museum in Paris.

Ethical suppliers

Eiffage corporate purchasing policy requires compliance with a number of CSR criteria in selecting suppliers. Eiffage Construction uses ethical suppliers and actively pursues fair and respectful practices in dealings with customers.