A company that cares about its employees

Eiffage Construction cares deeply about the professional and personal development of its employees. This is reflected in a three-tier action plan comprising training, career development and active involvement in the life of the company.

Employee training

Eiffage Construction earmarks substantial resources for training so employees can work in the best conditions to ensure performance, well-being and safety while growing their skills.

Whatever their initial qualification level, each employee is given the opportunity to further their expertise through cross-company courses crafted and dispensed in-house by Eiffage University, as well as through a scheme designed to validate acquired experience.

Eiffage Construction encourages vocational training at every level of the company.
  • 500
    courses offered

Career development

Eiffage Construction makes every effort to ensure everyone has the chance to grow and fulfil their career aspirations within the group.

The company offers a healthy, flexible, innovative work environment. It helps all employees reach their full potential through an active mobility policy, human resource planning, job and skills mapping tools, and specific training initiatives such as “Horizons Juniors” for young graduates, “Horizons Confirmé” and "Horizons Compagnons".

Internal promotion allows employees to take on more responsibility no matter what their initial function or level of qualification.


Job satisfaction is directly linked to active participation in company life. Eiffage Construction encourages this in different ways, such as:

  • Employee share ownership.
  • Employee-led training courses.
  • Involvement in Eiffage Foundation initiatives.
  • Implementation of participatory methods.
  • etc.
Eiffage Construction encourages employees to play an active part in the life of the company.

Employee share ownership

Employee share ownership was introduced in 1992 and has been an integral part of the Eiffage approach ever since. It promotes loyalty while protecting independence.

Every year, a number of new shares are offered exclusively to Eiffage employees with preferential terms. Each issue leads to huge demand.

  • 19.6%
    of share capital held by employees in 2017
  • 70%
    of employees are shareholders