Eiffage Immobilier

Eiffage Immobilier has set itself apart through unique positioning as a building specialist and property developer. Backed by Eiffage Construction’s expertise, its multi-faceted approach has made the company one of the top ten property developers in France.

Eiffage Immobilier is an established name in all market segments:

  • housing
  • offices
  • shopping centres
  • serviced residences
  • hotels
  • student accommodation
  • residences for the elderly

Eiffage Immobilier applies the same strategy to mixed-use projects aimed at revitalising neighbourhoods in large urban areas and restructuring existing real-estate (retrofits and conversions).

Through its national network of 10 regional branches, Eiffage Immobilier offers tailored support to private- and public-sector customers at every stage of their building projects.

Eiffage Immobilier designs all its property projects, whether apartment buildings or houses, with a view to obtaining the NF Habitat and NF Habitat HQETM energy efficiency labels, thereby guaranteeing low-energy housing that complies with environmental concerns and retains value over time.

Eiffage Immobilier R&D has developed two new housing concepts (EcoEco and H2CO) that broaden its range of solutions with a combination of appealing architectural design, high energy efficiency and streamlined costs.

The company also offers innovations in the field of socially-responsible products and services:

  • Cocoon’Ages, an intergenerational housing concept: six residences have already been launched and 30 more are under development.
  • Kaps, a mutual-aid co-living scheme for students who dedicate their spare time to socially-responsible projects in the neighbourhood.
  • €989
    in turnover in 2019
  • 5,000
    housing reservations
    in 2019
  • 70
    housing projects currently under development