Solutions to meet demand in the housing market

Exterior view of the Carré en Seine residence

A comprehensive range of housing solutions for new builds and renovations

Eiffage Construction has consolidated a full range of smart housing solutions, underpinned by the company’s expertise and adapted to residents of all ages, from students to senior citizens.

While guaranteeing sustainability and high performance, these solutions provide a seamless fit with the local environment and take into account economic and sociological shifts.

They offer a full range of suitable, streamlined, scalable answers for a large majority of new-build projects while always ensuring competitive costs and turnaround times.

  • 14,700
    housing units ordered in 2021, including 7,000 in energetic refurbishment

H2CO: streamlined costs and low environmental impact

H2CO is an affordable, efficient and comfort-focused housing concept with limited environmental impact that strikes a balance between collective and mid-range standards. The H2CO solution is a popular choice for design-build projects for social housing providers. Features include:

  • Double-exposure apartments with balconies that provide lots of natural light and visual comfort, thereby ensuring limited energy consumption.
  • Access to units provided by external stairwells (there are no lifts), which helps to curb maintenance fees and costs by reducing communal space.

H2CO also enables reduced turnaround times. The construction of a 50-unit development takes just 8 months using smart modular techniques, compared to 13 months using traditional processes.

social housing concept
Social housing concept that features streamlined costs and energy consumption.

Ekohom : high-performance cost savings

A pragmatic approach to industrial-scale housing that combines high performance and qualitative features that answer the needs of first-time home buyers as well as social housing providers. Ekohom concept benefits include:

  • Modular design and flexible surface areas ranging from two-room to five-room units, which enable a scalable offering and mixed developments.
  • Cost control based on Eiffage Construction’s best practices for industry, including mass production of structural elements.
View of modular housing construction
The EcoEco concept encourages the construction of green, cost-efficient buildings.

Flexi+: 100% adaptable

Designed to satisfy the most stringent regulatory requirements in terms of size and surroundings, the Flexi+ concept enables the construction of variable-height buildings that offer both comfort and elegance.

  • Structured around a single central axis, Flexi+ can be adapted to all types of landscape, even hilly terrain, by reducing the need for levelling work and optimising available space, not only for the entire building but also for each housing unit.
  • Its extensive modularity offers solutions that can be scaled to buildings of all sizes, in terms of both height and proportions.
Collective housing concept
The Flexi+ concept can accommodate all landscape restrictions.

Scalable housing

The housing needs of owners and renters can change over time as a result of issues such as family breakdowns, the need to care for senior family members, financial considerations, distance working and cohabitation.

Eiffage Construction has devised a cost-effective solution that allows occupants to scale housing to new circumstances without having to move home.

Sketch of a scalable apartment
A modular room makes it possible to adapt an apartment to a range of needs over time while maintaining a separate space.

  • The spare room. Connected to adjacent units, these rooms benefit from a separate entrance and can be used as office space or as an independent module for a child or student. They are available in a range of sizes (9 m², 14 m² or 18 m2) and can also be shared, rented or sold as separate studio apartments.
  • Modular partitioning. In line with the changing needs of occupants, partitions can be installed to free up extra space that can be rented out or sold off without requiring large-scale renovation work.
  • The intergenerational room. A variation on the spare room, this space is designed to make it easier to care for a dependent family member at home.


Rénovalis is a sustainable renovation solution for Eiffage Construction’s residential buildings. It enables housing managers to revitalise their accommodation units and optimise building use by enhancing energy performance and comfort features, even while the site is in use.

Exterior view of office space converted into housing units
Rénovalis, a turnkey solution for the rehabilitation of older units and the conversion of office space into housing.