Established expertise
in the construction
of office buildings
and public facilities

View of the concrete facade of the multimedia library in Vitrolles

A major player in the healthcare sector

Over the past few years, Eiffage Construction has built over 50 public and private health-care facilities, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and retirement homes. Eiffage Construction is an undisputed specialist in the healthcare and medical and social-services sector. Designing a hospital complex from the root idea to the building handover requires exceptional forecasting and cost-control methods, all of which demands significant expertise. Through the synergy of business lines, Eiffage Construction can offer all the necessary know-how to create high-quality facilities that take into consideration the needs of patients as well as those of the client.

Exterior view of a hospital complex
High-level expertise and compliance with specific performance standards are key in building healthcare facilities.
Colourful hospital corridor
Interior view of the Alpes Léman Annemasse-Bonneville hospital complex.

School infrastructure: from kindergarten to university facilities

The construction and renovation of schools is a cornerstone of Eiffage Construction’s established expertise. Buildings are equipped with the most efficient energy management solutions. The company places a particular focus on timber in its building designs. It works on various types of project ranging from the design and construction of universities, like Aix-Marseille, Lille-Nord and Metz, to the construction of secondary schools through public-private partnerships (PPP), as in Aulnay and Saint-Ouen in the Seine-Saint-Denis region.

Low-angle view of the interior courtyard of a school
Jean-Jaures college in Saint-Denis.

From small to mega-sized sports facilities

Eiffage Construction specialises in all sorts of sports and leisure complexes, from 1,000-seater arenas to 100-seater gymnasiums. The company has wide-ranging experience in the design and construction of multi-purpose halls that meet the needs of public authorities, which increasingly need to use venues for both sports and cultural events.

Interior view of a multi-sports venue
Sports hall in Cannes La Bocca.

Specialist expertise in the development and renovation of cultural sites

The design or renovation of buildings used for cultural activities requires the skills of highly qualified general contractors like Eiffage Construction. The company has partnered renowned architects to successfully complete projects in the highly technical field of refurbishments for working and listed sites. Its Paris-based subsidiary Pradeau Morin specialises in the restoration of historical monuments.

Statue outside the Picasso museum in Paris
Eiffage Construction was responsible for the turnkey renovation of the Picasso Museum in Paris.

Some examples of Eiffage Construction projects:

  • Renovation of the André-Malraux Multimedia Library in Strasbourg
  • Complete renovation of the Hotel Salé, a 17th-century historical monument that houses the Picasso Museum in Paris
  • Modernisation of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes
  • Design and construction of the Louvre-Lens museum
  • Restructuring and converting the Théâtre de la Gaîté Lyrique in Paris to its current status as a cultural centre for the digital arts and modern music.

Designing and building prisons

As part of a wide-ranging campaign to renovate French prisons, Eiffage Construction has partnered the Ministry of Justice to design and build several detention facilities. These projects require the full extent of the company’s expertise to meet stringent government requirements in terms of security and better quality of life for inmates. Public-private partnerships are an ideal arrangement for the creation of prison complexes in keeping with tight budget considerations. This type of solution includes financing, design, construction and maintenance of turnkey projects ensuring high quality of service.

View of interior courtyard of a prison
The prison in Marche-en-Famenne.