Comprehensive construction solutions
to meet the highest standards for industrial buildings

Exterior view of a research centre

Extensive expertise for all types of industrial building projects

In France, and elsewhere in Europe, Eiffage Construction provides high performance solutions for the construction or rehabilitation of industrial sites and factories. The company offers an integrated approach which spans the latest environmental standards, architectural design, quality materials and energy efficiency. Eiffage Construction has the extensive expertise needed to manage construction projects for all types of industrial facilities, whether in design or building, structural work or associated trades. Its wide-ranging scope covers:

  • Logistics platforms
  • Factories (including food-processing, automobile, chemicals and pharmaceuticals)
  • Workshops
  • Storage facilities (silos, high-risk sites, self-storage, wine cellars and warehouses)
  • Transport infrastructure (airports, train stations, multimodal platforms and maintenance centres)
  • Research facilities
  • Electrical equipment
Interior view of an industrial building with a zinc roof structure
Interior view of the Cité des Métiers site in Pantin, which houses the offices and workshops of French luxury goods manufacturer Hermès.

Specialist solutions for water treatment and waste repurposing

Drawing on its experience in designing and building sanitation facilities such as retention basins or water treatment plants, in waste repurposing facilities such as biomass-fired energy plants and in producing renewable energies, Eiffage Construction is today hailed as one of the leading European experts in water, waste and energy management infrastructure.  

The company draws on this expertise and its far-reaching regional coverage to provide local authorities with the most innovative solutions for sanitation, waste management and energy production to promote sustainable development and protect the environment.

Swan in pond at water treatment plant
Wastewater treatment facility in Valenton