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With expertise in both construction and property development, Eiffage Immobilier delivers a multi-faceted, tailored approach to all market segments, including housing, office space, hotels, shopping centres and serviced residences.
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Unique expertise in construction and property development

A multi-faceted property development strategy

Eiffage Immobilier has set itself apart through unique positioning as a building specialist and property developer. Backed by Eiffage Construction’s expertise, its multi-faceted approach has made the company one of the top ten property developers in France.
As a result, Eiffage Immobilier is an established name in all market segments, including housing, offices, hotels, shopping centres, serviced residences, retirement homes and aged care facilities.

Eiffage Immobilier applies the same strategy to major mixed-use projects aimed at revitalising neighbourhoods in large urban areas that lack greenfield sites and suffer from housing shortages. Methods used to alleviate these problems include the transformation of office buildings into housing units, major building restructuring programmes and conversion of heritage sites.

Tailored support

Eiffage Immobilier provides a tailored approach and personalised assistance to its private and public-sector customers at each and every stage of their project. This encompasses the search for available land, design, development and subsequent building maintenance.

Supported by a national network of nine regional entities, Eiffage Immobilier draws on a comprehensive understanding of specific local requirements and markets to provide the best locations and adapt its offering to both first-time buyers and investors.


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Eiffage Immobilier advantages


The expertise of a major group specialised in the construction and public works industry


A tailored approach to turnkey projects


Steadfast emphasis on innovation to enhance comfort and energy efficiency

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New-build housing

Eiffage Immobilier offers new-build housing throughout France and the Benelux countries for both primary residences and buy-to-let initiatives. Whether in town centres or suburban neighbourhoods, these prestigious projects provide easy access to shops, services, schools and transport networks.

Attentive to client needs, Eiffage Immobilier caters to both first-time buyers and seniors, ensuring everyone finds a housing solution that suits them best.

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Intergenerational and cohesive housing

Eiffage Immobilier has developed innovative solutions in partnership with other urban stakeholders to address issues such as social fragmentation, an ageing population and the growing burden of housing costs on French household budgets:
Cocoon’Ages intergenerational residences.
Kaps cohesive housing: an affordable housing solution for students who, in return, invest their time in social welfare initiatives within their neighbourhoods.

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Tertiary sector

Whether the project entails a new build or redevelopment of existing office space, Eiffage Immobilier assists companies from the initial design stage right through to management of legal and financial considerations.

Eiffage Immobilier selects the best locations close to transport networks and other facilities and places special focus on architectural design by partnering with well-known names in the profession.

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Major names in the hotel industry have for many years relied on Eiffage Immobilier for their new builds, major refurbishments, renovations and compliance upgrades.

Eiffage's hotel division performs all the necessary preparatory work well in advance to effectively tailor solutions and incorporate them into urban development programmes.

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Urban development for commercial use

Eiffage Immobilier enjoys the confidence of major retailers and is regularly awarded commercial development contracts for city centres and suburbs.

Eiffage Immobilier is particularly attentive to quality and sustainability in terms of architectural design, urban planning, environmental issues and commercial concerns.

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  • New-build housing
  • Intergenerational and cohesive housing
  • Tertiary sector
  • Hotels
  • Urban development for commercial use

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Smartseille eco-neighbourhood

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