Health and safety:
high ambitions

Health and safety are critical issues in the building industry. The Eiffage Group stands out for its stringent standards and high ambitions, which include reducing the lost-time injury frequency rate to 6 by 2020.

100% safe

Target zero

As an employer, Eiffage Construction is responsible for the health and safety of employees. Its objective in this respect is clear: zero accidents, as stated in its published values and goals.

The group has ambitious targets—which include reducing the lost-time injury frequency rate to 6 by 2020—and has allocated significant resources to risk prevention.


Prevention first

Accident prevention is a cornerstone of Eiffage Construction organisational methods and safety measures. This policy involves a range of joint initiatives:
• Toolbox talks.
• Sharing best practices between site supervisors.
• Worksite audits and inspection.
• Innovative policy measures such as developing safety standards shared by all employees and ensuring Minimum Safety Training Standards, with certificates issued on completion of courses.
• Training sessions for subcontractors.
• Ergonomic workstation layout and equipment upgrades to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.
• The signing of an agreement with the trade safety body for buildings and public works (OPPBTP) in 2015 to develop targeted preventive action for employees and subcontractors.

psychosocial risk factors

Reducing occupational stress and psychosocial risk factors

Employee protection also requires measures aimed at reducing occupational stress and psychosocial risk factors. Eiffage Construction endeavours to prevent such situations as early as possible.

These issues are often dealt with during specific training courses for managers and are emphasized in one-to-one meetings and toolbox talks.