Urban planning

Eiffage Aménagement draws on nearly 40 years of experience and has established itself as a preferred partner for local authorities seeking to develop their urban planning strategies. Whether the ultimate aim is to restructure city centres or create new neighbourhoods, Eiffage has the necessary insight and solutions to respond to specific local issues. From the very outset of a project, Eiffage takes into consideration the various economic, social, societal and environmental concerns inherent to the project.
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Nearly 40 years of experience in partnering local authorities

Eiffage Aménagement expertise

Backed by the combined expertise of all group divisions, Eiffage Aménagement offers a comprehensive, proven approach to urban planning projects that covers a number of complex issues:

Leading large-scale urban projects that encompass housing, office space, retail outlets, public institutions and facilities; listening to the specific needs of inhabitants to identify needs, respecting the spirit of the surroundings and rallying the various players around the project; assisting local authorities in their choices from initial specifications and preliminary studies right through to delivery, and on an ongoing basis throughout the life cycle of the project; anticipating changing needs and shaping tomorrow’s cities by placing innovation and sustainable development at the centre of all projects.

Promoting diversity through urban planning

By creating zones that combine housing, office space, retail outlets and public institutions and facilities on the same site, Eiffage Aménagement helps to promote broad social and functional diversity at the heart of the city.

Eiffage Aménagement strives to unite all local players around a common goal based on an innovative, participatory approach and a shared determination to put the needs of individuals at the heart of the urban planning process.

In order to foster community spirit, Eiffage Aménagement works carefully, right from the start, to ensure efficient urban mobility options, shared public spaces and a full service offering for inhabitants.


m2 currently under construction and 900,000 under development

The Eiffage Aménagement approach


Work hand in hand with renowned architects, urban planners and landscape designers


Instigate a partnership approach with local authorities covering everything from project co-design to the reality of a new neighbourhood


Incorporate all issues that ultimately contribute to high quality of life for users/inhabitants

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An all-inclusive skillset

From the initial design of an urban planning project through to delivery, Eiffage Construction teams provide the full range of skills needed to ensure efficient project management and development:

Comprehensive real estate and construction expertise; in-depth understanding of urban planning requirements and day-to-day project management; the development of economic hubs such as offices, hotels and retail spaces; the creation of facilities and services within neighbourhoods; the implementation of solutions to enhance and complement urban spaces and local heritage.


Foreseeing the needs of tomorrow’s cities

In all its projects, whether for the restructuring of city centres or the creation of new neighbourhoods, Eiffage Aménagement places great emphasis on sustainable development and the idea of building for future generations.

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Co-designing eco-neighbourhoods in partnership with elected representatives and inhabitants by taking into account societal and environmental challenges; envisaging new construction methods in response to societal shifts and environmental progress (enhanced energy efficiency, accessibility and mobility, lengthened life expectancy etc.); promoting urban biodiversity and preserving ecosystems and resources; bringing nature back to the heart of cities for the well-being of inhabitants.

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  • An all-inclusive skillset
  • Foreseeing the needs of tomorrow’s cities
  • Solutions

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Development of the Bords de Seine mixed-use zone

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