digital transformation
in the building industry

Digital Transition

Digital transformation is an ideal opportunity for Eiffage Construction to improve its performance in all sectors through more widespread use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), digitally-connected worksites and new services for customers.

Eiffage Construction is committed to the digital transformation, which promises to streamline workflows, unlock productivity gains and enhance project quality. An early adopter of BIM, a participatory management tool that is transforming working methods in the building industry, Eiffage is pursuing a global strategy to digitalise its working processes in the areas of project management and customer satisfaction.


Building Information Modelling offers far more than just a 3D digital mock-up. It is an entirely new way of designing, building and managing projects to enhance reliability, improve lead times and control costs through an ability to better anticipate every detail. It is also an innovative, participatory approach perfectly suited to projects of any size that gives all stakeholders a central role in exchanges and decision-making processes

Building Information Modeling
BIM provides an optimal solution for calls to tender, design and construction.

BIM has therefore become an indispensable solution for project design and management over the past few years. Eiffage Construction aims to apply BIM management to all its design-build projects by 2020.

Connected projects

To accelerate the digital transformation, Eiffage Construction formed a strategic partnership with Finalcad in 2017 to establish widespread use of a tablet-based application for paperless project management. The computerisation of tasks such as quality control, deadline compliance and traceability leads to improved efficiency and significant time savings. Examples include adding comments to plans or writing reports during inspections and sharing them in real time with all relevant parties (worksite team, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.).

Mobile applications can immediately send information to project managers from worksites.

Another innovation: the digital control room

An entirely digital meeting room that enables real-time exchange of information between relevant parties during site meetings. The paperless solution makes all plans and documents available in digital format via tactile tablets and connected screens. The digital control room also allows clients and other stakeholders to exchange information in real time and streamline project monitoring.

Another innovation: the digital control room.

Using VR to make sites safer

Eiffage uses virtual reality to immerse teams in a highly realistic full-scale environment representing different situations they may encounter on a worksite. The aim is to test their safety awareness and reactions when faced with danger with a view to achieving a zero accident rating.

Digital transformation in property development

Eiffage Immobilier provides three online solutions to assist home buyers and offer new services.

The housing simulator lets potential buyers take a virtual tour of an apartment and personalise the interior with different floor coverings, woodwork, radiators, furniture fronts, taps, etc.

The digital transformation in property development aims to enhance online presence and increase visibility among potential buyers.

Electronic signature of reservation contracts simplifies and improves the paperwork involved in housing purchases, while ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

An online customer account available via a partnership agreement with Ma-Residence.fr gives purchasers of new property access to a social platform that tells them more about their home and neighbourhood. On signing the reservation contract, customers are given access to all contractual documents related to their purchase (contract, timetable, specifications, progress reports, etc.)

The system also puts people in touch with neighbours, the property management agent, shops and the town hall. It provides access to an array of local services such as babysitting, home aid, car-pooling, tutoring, tips and deals, pet guardianship, loans, DIY, trips and outings, mail retrieval, event organisation, local information, etc.