Four core competencies,
one comprehensive offering

Eiffage Construction overview

Eiffage Construction is a major player in the building sector, offering complete synergy between its various business lines and a unique standard of integrated expertise. It specialises in the creation of new neighbourhoods, city-centre restructuring, property developments, construction and renovation projects, and is able to tackle anything from maintenance operations to major projects.

Eiffage Construction specialises in four complementary business lines—urban planning, property development, construction, and maintenance and services—enabling a comprehensive and proven offering. The company has handled some of the most challenging projects in France and elsewhere in Europe, priding itself on remaining one step ahead and fully in tune with market needs.

  • 10,385
  • €4.3
    billion in turnover
  • €5.1
    billion in booked orders
Construction of the Posnania shopping centre in Poznan, Poland.

Eiffage Construction expertise

Urban planning

Eiffage Aménagement partners local authorities seeking to develop their urban planning strategies by offering the necessary insight right from the outset of a project to tackle the inherent economic, social, societal and environmental issues.

View of the Asnières joint development zone, comprising three office buildings, social and private housing, retail outlets and 230 student accommodation units.

Property development

Backed by its unique builder-property developer skillset, Eiffage Immobilier is able to offer multi-faceted solutions and ranks among the 10 leading property developers in France.

Cocoon’Ages residence, a housing concept designed to promote social cohesion and intergenerational mix.


A major player in the building and public works sector, Eiffage Construction provides comprehensive public- and private-sector coverage for new builds and renovations.

Construction of Ovo in the Polish city of Wroclaw, comprising a hotel, offices, housing, restaurant and shops.

Maintenance and services

Specialist teams guarantee the maintenance of all types of building, occupied or empty. Projects range from maintenance to rehabilitation, renovation to compliance upgrades and are all performed by a network of local experts working hand in hand with customers.

Maintenance work at the Jules Verne clinic in Nantes, France.
  • 75%
  • 19%
    Property development and planning
  • 5%
    Maintenance and services

Through the synergy between these four core competencies and its unique integrated expertise, Eiffage Construction is well armed to rise to the major challenges in construction that are the heart of its strategy.

Imagining the city of the future

In partnership with local authorities and drawing on the findings of its Phosphore research programme, Eiffage Construction devises and develops innovative, sustainable construction solutions focused on the needs of future users.

Sustainable housing

Needs evolve throughout the life cycle of a family and housing solutions must respond to these changes by, for example, enabling senior family members to continue living at home thanks to home automation systems. The rehabilitation and transformation of office space into housing is also an important aspect of this market.

Innovation and digital transition

Eiffage Construction pursues a strategy of continuous innovation to rise to the latest challenges faced by customers and enhance its competitive excellence. This strategy is underpinned by initiatives such as more widespread use of Building Information Modelling, automated production and connected devices.

Guaranteed energy efficiency

Eiffage Construction places great emphasis on ensuring energy and environmental efficiency for new builds and renovations, and supports these new objectives in the long term through Energy Performance Contracts (EPC).

Environment and biodiversity

Eiffage Construction reduces and offsets the environmental impact of its building projects through a commitment to clean worksites and ecological engineering. To preserve biodiversity, Eiffage Construction promotes new building processes that place increasing emphasis on smart modular construction and the use of timber.

Established presence in 5 European countries

Eiffage Construction achieves 26% of turnover in Europe (excluding France): Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland.