Social responsibility

As a major player in the building industry, Eiffage Construction is aware of its role and responsibilities vis-à-vis the community and society in general. The company actively reduces the environmental impact of its activities through sustainable economic and social development practices.

commitments and values

Shared values

Eiffage Construction aims to control the impact of its activities on society. This commitment as a corporate citizen is an integral part of its overall strategy.

It is at the same time a formidable social integrator, a driving force of the societal evolution and a powerful vector for the environmental respect.

This approach is carried by each of its employees and reinforced by the values of the Eiffage Group.


Actively promoting diversity

Eiffage works tirelessly to prevent discrimination in any shape or form and promote social diversity.

The company undertakes a raft of initiatives to promote the employment of people with disabilities, young applicants and seniors while supporting integration, fighting illiteracy and ensuring gender equality.


Contributing to the prosperity of cities and regions

Eiffage Construction actively contributes to the development and prosperity of the cities and regions in which it works.

It relies on its own impetus and all the catalysts at its disposal, including employment and multi-partner integration policies, corporate patronage, a purchasing policy that applies CSR criteria to supplier selection, fair and respectful business practices, and support for outreach initiatives.

In 1993, Eiffage Construction co-founded CREPI, a network of regional partners acting together to promote insertion, which supports initiatives aimed at reconnecting disadvantaged people with the workplace.

Eiffage encourages skills-based sponsorship in line with these initiatives. This has led to a number of rehabilitation projects throughout France for the Abbé Pierre Foundation over the past 12 years.


Limiting impact

Eiffage is committed to optimising the positive effects of its activities and limiting any unwanted repercussions.

Eiffage Construction takes all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of users and residents during work phases while reducing pollution and any other environmental impact of its activities.

Eiffage Construction can speed up project turnaround times and reduce its carbon footprint through smart modular construction techniques and the use of wood.

The Noé joint worksite platform in Bordeaux has been approved as a sustainability showcase by the French government. Eiffage Construction is a key part of the consortium spearheading the initiative, which keeps any unwanted impact of projects to a minimum by pooling services between sites.

Eiffage Construction designed the first building to receive the BBCA energy performance label for its high energy efficiency and low carbon footprint. The project provides 140 housing units in Ris-Orangis, just south of Paris.


An attentive approach and ongoing dialogue with regional stakeholders

Eiffage Construction understands that being attentive to needs and initiating dialogue with local people is crucial to ensure balanced regional development. The company has a long tradition of adopting measures to promote communication and consultation with all local stakeholders, including residents, elected representatives and associations.

Co-founded by an Eiffage Construction employee, the RéaVie association was created to promote the reuse of worksite materials otherwise destined for scrap. Through the initiative, fixtures, fittings and other equipment carefully disassembled when a site is dismantled can be effectively reused. The campaign gives a second life to hundreds of different materials, products and pieces of equipment while promoting integration through employment in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


A common vision of the future

Each of Eiffage Construction’s areas of expertise — construction, property development and urban planning — gives the company new opportunities to prove its commitment to the community.

Read the booklet "Entrepreneurs responsables : RSE, une vision partagée de l'avenir" to find out more about all actions and values of Eiffage Construction