means and solutions

Eiffage Construction has set multiple goals for its innovation strategy: promote solutions that meet the needs of future generations, progress in line with the challenges of sustainable city planning and energy transition, improve competitive excellence and continue to satisfy customers. To ensure success, the company can draw on the cross-functional, collaborative know-how of the entire Eiffage group.


Imagining the city
of the future

In partnership with government bodies and other key players, Eiffage Construction is actively involved in designing the city of the future.

Drawing on the findings of its Phosphore research programme, Eiffage Construction imagines and develops innovative, sustainable construction processes that are resolutely focused on the needs of future users.


Innovation and digital transition

Eiffage Construction pursues a strategy of continuous innovation in order to rise to the challenges of a new urban framework, meet the needs of its customers and enhance its competitive excellence.

The company is dedicated to succeeding in the digital transformation era and has adopted more widespread use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its construction processes. Another feature of this strategy is the increased use of robotics technology in production systems and the roll-out of connected devices.


Building responsibly

Eiffage Construction’s new building processes, such smart modular construction, are solutions specifically designed to satisfy the demands of eco-construction and shorter turnaround times, while ensuring the long-term energy efficiency of buildings.


Eiffage initiatives
to sustain innovation

All Eiffage Construction initiatives are backed by a highly structured, cross-divisional innovation strategy. The Eiffage group has implemented a complete array of bespoke tools and measures to offer creative solutions through each of its different businesses.