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The maintenance and services division of Eiffage Construction offers public and private-sector customers various services for the long-term upkeep of all types of building.
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Building upkeep
and maintenance

Services designed to mirror client needs

For the past few years, the maintenance and services division of Eiffage Construction has enjoyed steady growth because it offers a solution to a complex problem: how best to coordinate small- and medium-sized contractors for maintenance projects that last several weeks.

Eiffage uses its extensive expertise as a general contractor to oversee all of this work, including cost appraisals, planning and execution. Its cross-functional teams provide a full array of services on occupied or non-occupied sites for maintenance, rehabilitation, renovation and regulatory compliance. This means clients benefit from the flexibility of a small company coupled with the power and expertise of a major group. All customers—local authorities, companies or individuals—benefit from the same quality of service.

A local service network with a long-term outlook

Eiffage Construction provides its services on the basis of long-term maintenance contracts, framework agreements and one-off smaller projects, with an extensive regional network ensuring a swift response throughout France.

Personalised follow-up goes hand in hand with step-by-step support to build long-term relations based on trust.


local teams and 800 journeymen

Maintenance and services


Restructuring the forensic science premises and laboratories in Ecully


Protective work with concrete treatment at the Puits des Combes site in La Ricamarie


Maintenance contract for three Safran industrial sites in the Gironde region


Renovation and restructuring work at hospitals in Langon, Aix-en-Provence and Lyon

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School complex renovation Terre Saint Blaise

School complex renovation Terre Saint Blaise

Bondy (93), FranceMaintenance and services
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