Corporate real estate: the highest standards in quality
and performance

Interior view of a meeting room

Corporate real estate represents a major share of Eiffage Immobilier’s business

Increasingly, companies are moving out towards the suburbs to take advantage of more space at lesser cost, leaving the buildings they occupied formerly, often in city centres, empty. This transition enables Eiffage Immobilier to spearhead new-build and redevelopment programmes for office space.

Whether for specifically targeted projects or those performed within the remit of urban planning policies, Eiffage Immobilier guarantees the necessary scope, expertise, innovation and high-tech solutions required by each undertaking.

High standards

Eiffage Immobilier selects the best locations close to transport networks and other facilities and performs all the necessary research to ensure optimum use of buildings and well-being of occupants.

Eiffage Immobilier places special focus on architectural design and partners well-known names in the profession to create modular, ergonomic, environmentally-friendly work spaces that offer flexible outfitting options.

Exterior view of Eiffage’s Pierre-Berger campus
For corporate real estate projects, building close to transport networks is key to promote the well-being of occupants.

Energy efficiency

All Eiffage Immobilier employees strive to adhere to the dual objectives of ecological design and sustainable innovation to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings. All Eiffage projects comply with thermal regulations as stipulated within the RT 2012 framework. The required energy efficiency levels make buildings eligible for labels such as HQE® (high environmental quality), BBC Effinergie® (low energy consumption) and even THPE (very high energy efficiency).

Each office building design promotes high energy efficiency.

A tailored solution for each project

Each client (investor or buyer-user) is unique and deserves a fully customised solution. Fully versed in the intricacies of financial, legal and administrative measures, Eiffage Immobilier teams are able to supply the most appropriate solutions, ranging from turnkey projects designed specifically for each client, off-plan housing contracts, property development contracts, restructuring of existing real estate, etc. All this while ensuring full compliance with the design brief, specifications and deadlines.

Showcase headquarters

The Pierre-Berger Campus, designed by architects Wilmotte & Associés, which houses Eiffage headquarters, serves as a showcase for architectural design and technological know-how, embodying the full scope of the group's expertise in tertiary-sector real estate. Hélianthe, headquarters for Eiffage’s regional divisions, was also awarded the Constructéo 2008 trophy for its high level of environmental efficiency.

Facade of the Eiffage Pierre-Berger Campus
Eiffage headquarters embodies the full scope of the group's expertise in tertiary-sector construction.
  • 230,000
    sqm of projects in development or under construction