Showcase project

Paris-Saclay Hospital

Saclay (Essonne), France
Paris-Saclay Hospital promotes ambulatory medicine
new standards

Healthy innovation

Paris-Saclay Hospital: aerial perspective

Redefining access
to healthcare in Essonne

In 2020, in order to renew its technical platform and maintain a high-performance medical offering, the Nord Essonne Hospital Group, supported by the French State and the EPA Paris-Saclay, has entrusted a consortium led by Eiffage Construction with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the new Paris-Saclay Hospital.

Its aim: to develop its research centre - benefiting from the industrial and university ecosystem of the Saclay plateau - and to complete the range of local healthcare services in Bures-sur-Yvette, Orsay, Longjumeau and Juvisy, whose medical, surgical and obstetrics centres have been brought together in the new hospital.

Paris-Saclay Hospital: reception perspective

Excellence healthcare and innovation

A focus on clinical research, ambulatory and community medicine, in a human-sized and energy-efficient environment... The specifications submitted to SCAU Architecture, Eiffage Construction Grands Projets and Eiffage's hospital experts are resolutely focused on innovation and scalability.

The emergencies of the Paris-Saclay Hospital (perspective)

Hospital figures

416 beds and places; 10 operating areas; 3,000 births per year; 85,000 emergency room visits; 90% single rooms; 45,000 m² of floor space and more than 4,000 m² of extension reserves.

Island of greenery in the Paris-Saclay Hospital

Key points

Contracting authority: Groupe Hospitalier Nord Essonne
Project management: Eiffage Construction consortium, SCAU Architecture, WSP (BET), Inddigo (HQE & RT), Dalkia (servicing and maintenance).
Certification: HQE
Design: 8 months
Start of work: summer 2021
Delivery: Spring 2024