Upgrading energy efficiency in housing
and enhancing
real estate assets

Thermal imaging of a building facade

Bringing ageing real estate up to new environmental standards

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gases. The French government estimates that two-thirds of existing residential and office buildings require renovation to curb their energy consumption.

Rehabilitating real estate assets

The renovation of ageing buildings is a necessary process not only for institutional investors but also for social housing providers and co-owners.
Renovation projects achieve two goals: 

  • boost the value of property, notably through enhanced energy performance,
  • bring financial benefits to occupants by reducing energy consumption.

Rénovalis, a solution developed by Eiffage Construction, meets both criteria by pre-empting and complying with new regulations.

exterior view of collective housing
Urban renovation of La Roseraie neighbourhood in Angers.

Rénovalis: a bespoke renovation solution

  • Comprehensive context analysis: urban environment and surroundings, energy performance audits, potential for bioclimatic adaptation, soundproofing, protection against risk of fire, air quality etc.
  • A set of customised features including energy efficiency, occupant comfort, overall aesthetic appeal, access for disabled people, financing packages, applications for subsidies, etc.
  • Work carried out in line with cost and deadline guarantees.
  • Support and assistance in using buildings efficiently.
  • Consumption monitoring to ensure energy efficiency.
Renovated lobby
Enhanced energy efficiency and rehabilitation of real estate assets are the cornerstones of the Rénovalis solution.

Renovating multi-owner buildings and obtaining better financing conditions

Eiffage Construction helps co-owners find financing solutions for their renovation projects. This includes handling the application process for subsidies and securing the best financing conditions for projects through Energy Performance Contracts (EPC).

Interior stairwell in the entrance hall of a building
Eiffage Construction assists co-owners with their renovation projects.

Renovating social housing and minimising the need to use equity

Eiffage Construction assists social housing providers in obtaining financing solutions to help them limit the use of equity. Eiffage Construction lists all available institutional grants and subsidies for the project based on its specific characteristics (location, type of renovation work, involvement of local authorities, etc.). The conditions for obtaining these subsidies are taken into account when devising the renovation programme as a whole, and, for each one, a cost/benefit appraisal is drawn up based on operation & maintenance and renewal costs. Eiffage also provides assistance in unlocking savings through white certificates.

Renovating public buildings and supporting local authorities

French legislation provides for a 60% reduction in energy consumption in tertiary buildings by 2050. For local authorities, which must lead the way and upgrade their buildings in line with legal requirements, the financial implications are significant. Rénovalis is the ideal tool to support the transition through the use of energy performance contracts or design, build, operation and maintenance (DBOM) contracts.

Rénovalis supports local authorities in implementing building renovation projects.

Office conversions as a solution to the housing crisis

The shortage of housing in France is an acute problem and, in a country where the supply of office space outstrips demand, the conversion of offices into accommodation would seem to be a logical solution. However, the stringent standards that must be met in terms of performance and efficiency for this type of project require considerable expertise. Eiffage Construction is in a position to offer this expertise given its wide-ranging experience in the field. Rénovalis, a customised solution, is perfectly suited to a large variety of projects spanning redevelopments, new builds and even the addition of extra floors.

conversion project to transform an office building into housing units
The Morane tower in Vélizy has been converted into housing units.