Restructuring of Window office building

La Défense, France
The facade of the Window office building is adorned with a glass curtain

Curtain raising

View of the atrium of the Window building, open to the outside

A building that cultivates
its difference

Contrasting with the neighboring towers of the La Défense business center in Paris, Window stands out for its horizontality, with a 150 m long facade rising over seven floors.

The fully rehabilitated building has a pleated facade, like a huge theater curtain.

Dressed in glass and 90% transparent, this gives the building an impression of lightness.

Window building in La Défense hosts RTE headquarters

Premium site

With 44,000 sq. m total floor space, the interior has been redesigned and refurbished in two years of construction.

The workspaces, which meet the highest international standards, have a capacity of 2,900 people.