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residential tower

Brussels, Belgium
breathtaking view

Building an urban landmark

A visionary,

Atenor Group and Build-Up contracted Valens to build the Up-site complex through a joint venture with BPC.

The project was designed by Ateliers Lion & Associés and A2RC Architects. It comprises a 140m tower with 42 floors (255 apartments spread over 42,000 m2), four terraced buildings with eight floors (106 apartments spread over 13,000 m2), 2,000 m2 of retail space and four office buildings (29,500 m2), for a total surface area of 122,500 m2.

The project was completed in 2014 after three years of work.

Setting the standard
in sustainable development

Up-site is the highest residential tower in Belgium and a showcase for energy efficiency and reduced consumption. The building features rainwater collectors, external wall insulation, green roofs and solar panels. It also pumps water from the canal to keep things cool in summer, contributing to an impressive 30% reduction in energy consumption.