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Campus Pierre-Berger

Vélizy-Villacoublay, France
Real Estate

Pooling expertise

The convergence
of talent

In 2015, Eiffage united all head offices under the same roof. The aim was to enhance synergy among its specialist sectors of activity: construction, real estate, urban planning, road building, civil engineering, metalwork, facades, energy and systems, concessions and public-private partnerships.

The chosen location was Vélizy-Villacoublay. The town is France's second-largest business park after La Défense, and the birthplace of Fougerolle, the parent company of the Eiffage group alongside SAE.  

The new showcase for Eiffage expertise has further strengthened its capacity to offer integrated solutions for cross-functional projects of varied size and complexity.

36,000 m²
promoting transparency
and efficiency

The first phase of the Campus was designed by architects Wilmotte & Associés based on a brief calling for transparency and efficiency. It comprises three six-storey buildings spanning a total surface area of 24,000 m2.

The complex is linked by a walkway to a fourth building, which provides an additional 11,000 m2, designed by Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture and completed in 2011.   

The site allows 1,600 Eiffage employees to pool their skills and expertise.

Innovative design

In 2014, the Pierre-Berger Campus was the first building to receive the BIM d’Or award in the category for projects spanning a surface area of between 1,000 m² and 40,000 m².

Building Information Modelling (BIM) was key to designing structures that use materials with different behavioural properties while coordinating all trades in compliance with environmental objectives (Effinergie label, NF certification for tertiary buildings, targeting the top-tier HQE rating and Excellent BREEAM rating) and full considering the constraints imposed by the presence of a neighbouring military airport.

Bringing together all Eiffage expertise on a single site in Vélizy, on the outskirts of Paris,
will enhance efficiency, comfort and convenience. 

The goal is to break down silos and pool our talents.


Pierre Berger, Eiffage's Chairman and CEO (2012 - 2015)
Pierre Berger
Chairman and CEO of Eiffage group (2012 - 2015)

A campus enables different specialist divisions and entities to coexist and yet benefit from a distinctive identity. A bit like a village, a company is a sum of individuals all marching in the same direction.  

The new buildings will be characterised by transparency and efficiency without flamboyance and will be the pride of those who work within.


Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architecte de la phase 2 du Campus Pierre-Berger
Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Timelapse video produced from a series of worksite photos taken between September 2013 and delivery in August 2015.

  • Building D

    This building designed in 2011 by Jean-Paul Viguier houses the Construction division, Eiffage University and a 150-seat auditorium.

  • Transparency

    The connected meeting rooms benefit from maximum luminosity and offer a very pleasant working environment.

  • Structure
    and design

    In building B, the metallic facade structure was designed to form an integral part of the office space.

  • Staff meet-up spaces

    Dedicated spaces for discussion and relaxation help to foster relations between staff members from all Eiffage divisions.

  • Communicating
    and sharing

    On the upper floors, teams have access to relaxation spaces equipped with information screens.

  • Showcasing expertise

    The welcome spaces and circulation areas are used to exhibit pieces of art, tools and materials that serve to decorate and firmly link the premises to Eiffage’s background and expertise.

  • Building and public works culture

    The trade library is open to all and covers the history, methods and expertise of the building and public works industry.

  • Lifestyle services

    Concierge assistance makes life easier for employees with services such as dry cleaning, shoe repair, parcel pick-up, car cleaning, organic food baskets, cleaning help, childcare and tutoring.

  • Healthy body,
    healthy mind

    To reinforce well-being at work, the fitness centre is open every day. Lessons are given regularly by sports coaches.

  • The secret to productivity

    A visit to the leisure area is an effective way to recharge energy levels and promote team spirit.