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Paris La Défense, France
centre of La Défense

A landmark tower

A new-generation

The Majunga Tower soars to a height of 195 metres, spans a total of 47 floors and weighs 135,000 tonnes. With a total capacity of 5,000 to 6,000 workstations, it covers a surface area of 69,500 m2. One of its major characteristics is its bevelled shape featuring twenty loggias which adorn floors on the south-facing facade. A rare feature in high-rise buildings are the specially-designed opening mechanisms that have been installed on all floors to ensure ventilation of inside spaces.

and efficiency

Majunga was the first new-build construction in France to receive BBC certification for low energy consumption during the design phase.

It was also the first office building in mainland Europe to obtain a BREEAM Excellent rating during the design phase (2012 BREEAM Awards).

NF certification for tertiary buildings, targeting the top-tier HQE rating (awarded six very high performance targets and eight high performance targets).

2005 Effinergie low energy consumption label (reaching a rate 50% lower than standards required by RT 2005).

2014 Grand Prix Simi Immobilier (in the category for office buildings over 50,000 m2).

One floor per week

An ACS self-climbing system manufactured by PERI was used to build the central core (26 m x 19 m). This complex tool, mounted on hydraulic cylinders, enabled the casting of 240 metres of reinforced concrete panelling, without rotation of equipment and without a crane. This produced time savings and efficiency gains that were decisive in complying with the production pace of one level per week. This core element houses all the utility features of the tower: circulation areas, sanitary facilities, lifts, freight elevators, emergency stairwells and technical shafts.

Eiffage expertise

The €200-million project was headed by an Eiffage consortium comprising Eiffage Construction Grands Projets and Goyer. Other stakeholders included Études et Structures, Méthodes Plus, Eiffage Énergie (for macro-scale electricity) and Eiffage Infrastructures (for the amenities at the foot of the high-rise). Nearly 600 people were working on tower construction at the project peak.

and key figures

Client: SNC Lefoullon (Unibail-Rodamco)

Project manager: Arcoba

Architect: Jean-Paul Viguier

Height: 195 metres, ground floor + 47 levels of which 39 dedicated to office space

Surface area: 69,500 m²

Surface area per floor: between 1,350 m² and 1,450 m²

Green spaces: 2,000 m²

Total cost of work: €200 M excluding taxes

reinventing the tower

Majunga is an entirely new type of high-rise that has emerged as an essential part of the city and surrounding life. Its bright, vibrant, ecological design marks a clear departure from the monolithic structures of previous generations. It features flowing facades split into three contiguous, slightly differently shaped, vertical bands. Majunga is like a living plant whose stem has steady grown in the sunlight.  

High ceilings, glass facades and inside spaces open to the exterior enhance the impression of volume and contribute to a new art of working space that is freer and more informal.

Majunga also represents environmental disruption thanks to the mechanisms put in place to reduce energy consumption inside the building.

Jean-Paul Viguier
Majunga Tower Architect
  • Open

    Majunga is the first tower in La Défense to provide exterior spaces on every floor (loggia or balconies), with a pleasant open area at two-panel intervals.

  • Loggias

    The garden-loggias provide plenty of fresh air and enhance the overall environment on each floor.

  • Bioclimatic facades

    Glass-panelled landing areas and bioclimatic facades ensure as much natural light as possible in line with the exposure of the tower.

  • Terraces and gardens

    The base of the building is surrounded by terraces and gardens where staff can meet, work or lunch in relaxing surroundings.

  • Workspaces

    The work are designed to promote well-being and can be adapted to different layouts depending on specific needs.