Showcase projects

Robert Schuman
Conference Centre,

Metz, East France

A flagship
for Eastern France

A conference centre
with region-wide scope

Spanning a surface area of 15,300 m2, the Robert Schuman Conference Centre in Metz is a new building commissioned by the Metz Métropole conurbation community and the city of Metz.

It stands next to the central station and close to the Centre Pompidou-Metz museum, providing a link between the historical city centre and the new Amphithéâtre district. The building embodies the future of the Metz metropolitan area.  

Eiffage Construction was selected in partnership with architects Wilmotte & Associés in 2014 as the lead contractor for the design-build-operations-maintenance (DBOM) consortium, with delivery scheduled for 2018.

Eiffage Energie is responsible for technical work and Eiffage Services will provide building maintenance for 25 years.

A vibrant
and attractive hub

The ground floor houses a 1,000 m2 exhibition space providing walk-through access to the Passage de l’Amphitéâtre and connection to the three floors of the centre.

The first floor includes a 1,200-seat auditorium and 210-booth exhibition space affording views of the Centre Pompidou-Metz.

The upper floors accommodate committee rooms, an outdoor terrace, dining and relaxation areas.

an exemplary

A key corporate value at Eiffage is the employment of people in disadvantaged situations. In this respect, the Metz congress centre was exemplary in that it provided 30,000 working hours, the equivalent of 18 full-time positions, for this employment category.   

The initiative benefitted young people under the age of 26 without any professional qualifications, along with the long-term unemployed, seniors and people with disabilities.

Up to 35% of total work contracts were given to local small- and medium-sized companies.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte presenting the Robert Schuman Conference Centre during a press conference at the Arsenal concert hall on the 19 December 2014.
Source: city of Metz

Using the social clause to promote integration through employment at the Robert Schuman Conference Centre site in Metz.
Source: city of Metz

In June 2016, Eiffage Construction and Capremib used a 350-tonne crane to position 13 prestressed concrete girders measuring 20 to 25 metres in length and weighing between 20 and 35 tonnes.
Source: Eiffage Construction