Showcase project

Reims-Bezannes Polyclinic

Bezannes (Marne), France
The polyclinic of Reims-Bezannes welcomes the public of Champagne-Ardenne
healthcare offer

New medical era

Aerial view of the Reims-Bezannes Polyclinic construction site

The largest clinic in France

Built under an all-trades construction contract by Eiffage Construction Champagne-Ardenne, the Reims-Bezannes polyclinic is the largest in France when it is handed over in March 2018.

It comprises five buildings with BBC and HQE® certification, spread over 8 hectares, with a surface area of 45,000 m² on 4 levels.

With 400 beds, 32 operating theatres and birth rooms, heavy technical platforms, consulting rooms, an emergency, biology, medical imaging and nuclear medicine department, it is a health facility that meets the region's challenges.

View of the facade of the Reims-Bezannes polyclinic

A high-tech construction site

This project reflects the Eiffage Group's expertise in building high-tech healthcare facilities.

Highlights included the deployment of V-shaped walls with a break every three meters - requiring the use of special formwork tools - as well as the paving of 1,700 m of white concrete caps and 500 m of CCV (cement glass composite) caps.

View of a room in the Reims-Bezannes Polyclinic

Key points

Client: Icade Santé and Icade Promotion 
Operator: Courlancy Santé 
Project manager: Artelia
Architect: J.-M. Jacquet
Works: consortium Eiffage Construction Champagne Ardenne, Cari, Eiffage Energie Systèmes and Eiffage Route