Showcase project

office complex

Paris 8e, France
The new pavilion of the Paris-Laborde office complex stands next to the former barracks of the Pépinière, which has been rehabilitated for this purpose.

New generation offices

The new courtyard of the Paris-Laborde office complex

Transforming uses

The project is ambitious: rue Laborde - in the heart of Paris - to extend and transform the former royal barracks of the Pépinière into an office complex, meeting the modern requirements of well-being and environmental protection. After 27 months of work, Eiffage Construction Tertiaire and Goyer on the facades took a bold gamble.

The two rehabilitated buildings and the new seven-storey office building offer 19,000 sq.m. of floor space, together with 4,500 sq.m. of outdoor space. In addition to the offices, the complex has gardens and terraces, a rooftop, a vegetable garden, a sports hall, an auditorium, a restaurant and a library.

The cascading terraces of the Paris-Laborde office complex


To transform the former barracks, the classic facade of the "Laborde" building (19th century), overlooking the street, has been restored to its former splendour.

Built in 1947, the building known as "La Pépinière" (the Nursery) is set at the bottom of the plot. Its two side wings have been deconstructed to make way for cascading terraces.

The main building has been enlarged on the inner courtyard to gain surface area.

Eiffage employees use the digital control room to manage and monitor the worksite at the Paris-Laborde office complex.

Digital construction site

A new stage in Eiffage Construction's digital transition: the teams led and monitored the worksite from a fully digitised control room!

Innovative tools have proved their efficiency for the realization of such a work: a coworking space with a digital reading and editing table; an action wall with an interactive screen for managing, editing and creating tasks according to the zones of the building site and project management, for monitoring service providers and building site reports; an interactive screen for presenting the building site and phase monitoring.

Shared space of the Paris-Laborde office complex

Key points

Client: Assurances Crédit Mutuel
Project Manager: Artelia
Architect: PCA-Stream
Certification and labels: High Energy Performance Label; BREEAM Very Good, NF HQE Renovation exceptional level for the barracks part; NF HQE New exceptional level for the new building.
Awards: Clé d'or Île-de-France 2019 in the functional works category; Mipim Award 2019 in the "Best Office & Business Development" category; Public Prize at the Architizer A+ Awards in the "Architecture + Workspace" category