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Grand Hôtel-Dieu
in Lyon

Lyon, France
Real Estate
Art of living

A new take
on hospitality

The largest historical
building conversion
programme in France

The project involves the rehabilitation and creation of a 51,500 m2 of space within the grounds of several listed buildings.

The site will eventually comprise 17,635 m2 of shops and restaurants as well as a tertiary complex of nearly 13,500 m2 (delivered at the end of 2017), a 143-room, five-star Intercontinental hotel (13,237 m2), a 2,740 m2 convention centre, 837 m2 of housing and the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie (3,823 m2 excluding acquisitions).

The project is being managed by Eiffage Immobilier, with building work handled as part of an integrated package provided by Eiffage Construction and Eiffage Energie, backed by co-developer Generim.

The metamorphosis
of an iconic monument
in the heart of Lyon

The Hôtel-Dieu hospices were built in the 12th century by the clergy and sold to the city of Lyon during the 15th century. The edifice has undergone many transformations over the years. In the 18th century, the architect Soufflot designed what were to become major architectural features: the facade as we know it today, overlooking the Rhône, and the Grand Dôme.

The rehabilitation and reconversion initiative aims to revitalise the heritage building by honouring its rich history. Architects Albert Constantin and Claire Bertrand (AIA Associés) were tasked with enhancing the buildings, courtyards and gardens in conjunction with Didier Repellin, chief architect for historical monuments.

Restoration work

The asset value and heritage significance of the project demanded the very highest quality standards quality craftsmanship.

Most of the facade rendering has been conserved, cleaned and repolished. Nearly 1,400 woodwork elements have been renovated or recreated in authentic fashion while ensuring compliance with today’s standards in terms of acoustics and insulation.

The Grand Dôme was given a facelift for a smoother, more unified finish. The roof and its copper elements have been renovated. The Petit Dôme, a masterpiece of 17th century architecture, was relieved of its old paintwork to emphasise the original stucco marble finish. The lantern skylight was reopened and stained glass replaced.

Woodwork was refurbished and repainted. Stained glass windows were repaired and protected from humidity. The original beamed ceilings were restained and restored to their former beauty.

Key figures

42,000 m² of buildings rehabilitated

8,000 m² of courtyards and gardens

10,000 m² of new buildings

A plot spanning 2.2 hectares

7 access points to the courtyards and gardens from adjacent roads

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  • Retail outlets

    The Grand Hôtel-Dieu (17,635 m2 of commercial retail space) is set to become one of the city’s principle destinations for shopping, dining and relaxation (food shops, food specialists, homeware, brasseries, restaurants, bars, tea rooms, snack areas, etc.).

  • Offices

    The new tertiary complex at Grand Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon sits above the retail space and spans three to four floors, for a total surface area of 13,422 m2. It offers exceptional user benefits and has gained Very High Energy Efficiency and BREEAM ratings.

  • Intercontinental Resort

    The 143-room, five-star hotel extending over 13,237 m2 is housed in part of the original building and behind the facade that overlooks the Rhone, with the entrance below the Grand Dôme. The duplex rooms make the most of the expansive original windows. 

    Reflecting both traditional and modern influences, the hotel affords guests a full array of services and facilities in keeping with its luxury surroundings, including a sports centre, banquet hall, 100-seat restaurant and terrace area in the Saint Louis courtyard.

  • Convention centre

    Situated right in the heart of town, the convention centre is the perfection location to host international conferences and seminars. The main hall is spacious enough to hold 500 people, with closer to a dozen other rooms between 40 m2 to 50 m2 also available. The convention centre covers a surface area of 2,740 m2.

  • Cité de la Gastronomie

    Lyon is the food capital of France and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Following in the footsteps of this cultural tradition, the Grand Hôtel-Dieu will house the Cité de la Gastronomie, which pays homage to tastes, flavours, culinary arts and pleasures of the palate.

    The Cité de la Gastronomie comprises an exhibition hall, training workshops and cookery courses. It is an integral part of the Parcours du Goût, an educational, interactive discovery tour for all things gastronomy, alongside specialist food and tableware shops, brasseries and restaurants.

  • Housing

    837 m² of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu development has been used to create housing, including 11 accommodation units ranging from studio flats to five-room apartments featuring beamed ceilings, storerooms and cellars.

  • Courtyards and gardens

    The six courtyards and three gardens cover an area of 8,000 m². They are designed as meeting spaces and invite to the walk and the discovery.