Sustainability and performance: the key words for the new HEC Liège campus building, delivered by Eiffage Construction

Sustainability and performance: the key words for the new HEC Liège campus building, delivered by Eiffage Construction

The University of Liège campus has expanded with the construction of a brand new building, increasing its surface area from 10,000 to 16,000 m². This building is also part of a sustainable development approach, with its desire to reduce its impact on the environment. All activities are now centralised: the 3,500 students and 300 staff members are brought together in "new generation" work and learning spaces.

The new building, designed by the architectural firm Atelier 229 and built as a general contractor by Duchêne, a Belgian subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, is designed to meet two major objectives.

The first is to be an energy-efficient building capable of meeting the new challenges of sustainable development. To this end, the concepts of the circular economy have been applied, as evidenced by the installation of a rainwater recovery system, allowing resources to be managed in the most economical way possible. The facades, covered with translucent polycarbonate panels, capture light and offer advantageous energy performance. Solar panels have also been installed on the roof to increase the building's energy autonomy.

The second, intrinsically linked to the first objective, was to significantly improve the quality of life of students and staff on their campus. Terraces and classrooms with large windows on the street side open the building to the city and its neighbourhood. With a maximum audience of 120 people, the building has been designed to encourage teaching in small groups at a distance. In addition to the offices and open spaces, brainstorming areas, also known as "bubbles", have been created to allow students and researchers to work in peace and quiet.
Among the outdoor facilities, a car park for 50 bicycles has been set up on the site to encourage campus users to favour soft mobility modes.

This new 1.6-hectare campus, in the very heart of Liège city centre, has been designed as a lively place that encourages exchanges and meetings. The new building fits in perfectly with the campus by offering flexible and adaptable work and relaxation areas, encouraging new forms of learning and teaching.
Congratulations to the Duchêne teams, a Belgian subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, and to all our partners; Klinkenberg S.A., HD Systems Henri Dethier.
Client: University of Liège
Architect: Atelier d'Architecture A229
Eiffage Benelux entities: Duchêne