Pradeau Morin rehabilitates the Îlot Perrée, a building classified as a historical monument, for the Paris police

Pradeau Morin rehabilitates the Îlot Perrée, a building classified as a historical monument, for the Paris police

Eiffage Concessions was appointed leader of the consortium for the restructuring and renovation of the Îlot Perrée building. Pradeau Morin, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, carried out the renovation and restructuring work. This prestigious building, which dates from 1908 and is listed as a Historic Monument, now houses 650 police officers from the police stations of the first four districts of Paris. Approximately 75% of the building's total surface area was renovated (4,474 m²).

The Îlot Perrée, located a few metres from the Paris Centre Town Hall, was built in 1912 by the architect of the Ministry of Finance, Louis Blanc, to house the services of "La Garantie", an establishment dependent on the General Tax Directorate and responsible for the official control of precious metals.
The aim of the renovation work was to provide optimal conditions for the 600 civil servants in charge of public security in the centre of Paris. The project called for bright and functional spaces of the same quality as the most modern Parisian offices.

This project was a real challenge for the Pradeau Morin teams, who had to rehabilitate a building in the stylistic codes of a private hotel. Particular care was taken to restore the stone medallions and mosaics on the exterior facade and in the interior courtyard. The sgraffito (a decorative plastering technique that was very popular during the Italian Renaissance) and the mosaics on the floor were also embellished. In addition, the teams took care not to damage the nests of swifts and sparrows already nesting in the corners of the façades.
The interior of the building was also renovated, with particular attention paid to the former ticket office, which has extensive woodwork on the walls, mosaics on the floor and a glass ceiling.
The Ministry of the Interior now has a building with 5,600 m² of usable space and remarkable architecture. Congratulations to the Pradeau Morin teams!
NB: This contract was carried out within the framework of a PPP, with the building to be handed over in mid-April 2022, i.e. three years after the building permit was submitted.
Owner: Efilo (Eiffage Concessions)
Architects: PCA Stream agency and Vilobach agency