Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the Marguerite de Constantinople residence (59), a former convent renovated into 57 social housing units

Eiffage Immobilier inaugurates the Marguerite de Constantinople residence (59), a former convent renovated into 57 social housing units

In 2016, Eiffage Immobilier and Partenord Habitat were selected as the winners of the call for projects launched by the municipality of Flines-lez-Raches, near the city of Douai, to rehabilitate the former convent of the Sainte-Union du Sacré-Cœur, built in 1847, into social housing. Transformed into a hospital during the First World War, then into a primary and nursery school run by the sisters, the site had been unoccupied since the 1990s. The inauguration of the Marguerite de Constantinople residence took place on 10 October 2022 and marked the end of 22 months of work.

The former convent had been identified by the municipality of Flines-lez-Raches as one of the brownfield sites to be rehabilitated. This programme meets the needs of the municipality in terms of social housing, by offering the people of Flines an additional 57 rental units.
The housing units were built by Eiffage Immobilier and Partenord Habitat purchased them in a future state of completion (VEFA).

The proposed scenario made it possible to preserve a major part of the former convent, which was renovated into 41 individual and collective dwellings. A new building of 16 collective dwellings was built on the western part of the site. To the south of the former convent, Eiffage Immobilier has submitted a development permit, allowing the construction of PSLA housing by Partenord Habitat (as project manager) and 17 building lots, free of builders, intended to receive individual houses.

Designed by the Nathalie T'Kint agency, the architecture of this programme has preserved the elements of the existing convent in order to give a second life to this heritage site. The new building, for its part, has been designed to blend into its environment with its brick and concrete facades.
The 16 new homes in the Marguerite de Constantinople residence offer thermally efficient homes, designed with sustainable development in mind, which will consume 20% less primary energy than the current thermal regulations (RT 2012-20%). The former convent achieves RT 2012-10% performance. The overall programme has been awarded the NF HABITAT Version 3.0 label. The initial challenge, which was to control the energy bill in order to preserve the purchasing power of future residents, is thus fully met.
The project fully meets the problem of fuel poverty by guaranteeing residents a good level of thermal comfort; the assurance of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient housing, preserving their savings.
Congratulations to our teams in the North-West region for this beautiful heritage and energy rehabilitation!
Owner: Eiffage Immobilier
Architect: Nathalie T'KINT
Main contractor for the road and utilities: PROFIL INGENIERIE
Main contractor for green spaces: AGENCE ODILE GUERRIER ET ASSOCIES
Control office: SOCOTEC
General contractor: Eiffage Construction
Façade contractor: Frédéric DEVIANNE
VRD lot company: Eiffage Route
Company for the urban development lot: FRANCE ENVIRONNEMENT