Eiffage Construction lays the foundation stone for a 200-unit CROUS university residence in Toulon (83)

Eiffage Construction lays the foundation stone for a 200-unit CROUS university residence in Toulon (83)

Eiffage Construction, which won the design-and-build contract for the construction of a 200-unit university residence on the "Dumont d'Urville" campus in Toulon (83), recently laid the first stone of the operation. This future student residence of almost 6,700 m², managed by the Nice-Toulon CROUS, will meet a need for social student housing in the city.

This project is financed by the Crous, the contracting authority, the CNOUS, the rectorate and the local authorities. The design-and-build construction contract was won by a consortium consisting of Eiffage Construction, MAP architecture, Elithis Solutions, ICES BTP, Ingeco, ABO-ERG Géotechnique and BET Lamour.
Built on a 3,829 m2 plot of land, which will be sold in 2019 by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region for a symbolic one euro to the Nice-Toulon Crous, the residence will have a floor area of 6,700 m2 on four levels. The future building, which is in the shape of a square, has a planted patio and will include

  • 190 studio flats of at least 18 m²;
  • 10 PRM flats of at least 20 m²;
  • 1 flat for the caretaker
  • 1 reception office
  • 1 laundry;
  • 1 multi-purpose room;
  • 2 work rooms.

All the accommodation will be equipped with kitchens and bathrooms, built by HVA Concept, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction and builder of modular bathrooms.
In order to significantly improve the comfort of students, our teams are committed to offering a maximum number of through-housing units, thus ensuring bright and pleasant flats. In addition, with the aim of energy efficiency, the temperature of the accommodation will not exceed 28°C during periods of high heat.
The project is part of a sustainable development approach, aiming for E3C1 environmental certification, and is intended to be "exemplary" in environmental terms. In order to comply with the RE2020 standard, natural ventilation, a heat pump for heating and hot water for the sanitary facilities, as well as bio-based materials have been installed.
The residence will be commissioned by the CROUS in March 2024. Congratulations to our teams for winning this contract!
Client: Cnous
Project manager: MAP architecture
Design office: ELITHIS
VRD design office: LAMOUR
Structural design office: ICES BTP