"1 building, 1 artwork" charter: on the initiative of Eiffage Immobilier, a monumental fresco painted in Clamart


After the 10 monumental frescoes created in the Bernard de Jussieu district of Versailles, which was rehabilitated by Eiffage Construction, it is now Eiffage Immobilier's turn to remind us of its artistic commitment. In collaboration with the Arcas architecture agency and as part of the "1 building, 1 artwork" charter that we signed with the French Ministry of Culture, the monumental fresco "Cascade Palm" was completed in early April by the French duo SupaKitch & Koralie in the Grand Canal district.

Grand Canal is a new development district in Clamart (Paris Region) supported by Eiffage Aménagement and involves many of Eiffage's business lines. In particular, Eiffage Immobilier is carrying out a programme in which the artistic intent is obvious: a mural has been created on a 130 sqm facade. The artistic production company Quai 36 suggested this collaboration with the French duo SupaKitch & Koralie, whose universe, with its Art Deco influences punctuated by references to nature, resonates with the aesthetics of the entire property programme.

In addition to echoing the architecture of the buildings, the artwork also recalls the green and natural environment of the district, articulated around a 500sqm pool and erected along a canal. "Cascade Palm", a fresco measuring 6 metres wide and 22 metres high, is based on two elements - water and vegetation - and has a very harmonious chromatic palette borrowed from marine landscapes and punctuated by geometric shapes inspired by plants.

The artists' creative intentions:

  • Water by Koralie

"Liquid matter and light are central to my work, placing the viewer in a contemplative experience, a vision on a distorting mirror or a window on a body of water. I play with the sensation of stillness. My work is inspired by the forms of real matter to transform it into abstraction, and appeals to nostalgic feelings and memories.
The symbol of the pool in my work is directly linked to that of water and the sea. This free, ever-changing, ever-moving material is crossed by light, which then becomes contained and takes on a geometric form limited to the dimensions of the pool. A mixture of mineral matter and architectural graphics. "

  • Vegetation by Supakitch

"I wish to pay homage to nature, to its soul, to show it all the respect we owe it. Without committed mysticism, I draw inspiration from notions such as animism, spiritualitý and occultism. I extract poetry and aesthetics from them to create my own language, mixing symbols, elements, traditions and rituals from different origins, to propose a multicultural harmony. "

With Arcas and Quai 36, we are committed to the success of this urban transformation project by placing art back in the heart of the city, giving it a new visibility while respecting public space. You can admire the work at 381 avenue Charles de Gaulle in Clamart.

Photo and video credits : Julie Montel and Bastien Choury