Nine monumental frescoes will decorate buildings rehabilitated by Eiffage Construction in Bernard Jussieu's district in Versailles

Nine monumental frescoes will decorate buildings rehabilitated by Eiffage Construction in Bernard Jussieu's district in Versailles

The city of Versailles, via his municipal service of HLM Versailles Habitat, threw a vast plan of renovation of 1096 social housing in the district Bernard de Jussieu. An artistic program of nine monumental frescoes, piloted by Quay 36, will be integrated into the project of restoration within the framework of the cultural policy of the city of Versailles.

An ambitious program of rehabilitation

Versailles Habitat chose the grouping led by Eiffage Construction to renovate 1096 social housing, of the district Bernard de Jussieu. The architectural conception is taken care by the cabinet ITHAC

Of a total surface of 57 000 m ², the program includes:

  • A total rehabilitation of 22 buildings on the energy plan,
  • A new esthetics, by using in particular facings of bricks,
  • A requalification of the entrances of buildings, with the creation of extensions,
  • The realization of 9 monumental artistic frescoes on cogs of buildings located on strategic places of the district.

The rehabilitation of this housing set from the sixties is going to allow to answer the current aspiration of the inhabitants both on the built (rehabilitation of facades, heat insulation) and the outside environment (better distinction between public and private places, car park, lighting).
At the end of the four phases of work of renovation, in 2021, this district will  benefit from housing in the thermal performances improved within a qualitative environment.

An artistic program around the nature
Versailles Habitat wished to revalue the urban design and to support emergent or confirmed artists by integrating nine monumental frescoes into the district.
Real acts of commitment, these realizations will put in the honor the district and its inhabitants by introducing the art at the heart of their everyday life and by transforming their place of life into real meeting of contemporary artistic creation, participating directly in the development of the cultural heritage of the city, in echo with one of the main trunk roads of the urban project: "Versailles, city-nature".

Frescoes also join a territory marked by the truck, horticultural and landscaped farming. Thus nine renowned artist-muralistes will be inspired by themes of the nature, by the bestiality and by the history of the site to pay tribute to the famous French botanist Bernard de Jussieu and to his work on the botanical and animal species in this eponym district :
  • Aryz: young graffiti artist, illustrator and painter, he is known for the use of mixed techniques and different styles of painting), its art possessing vibrating colors and fantastic atmospheres looking like those of the science fiction.
  • Eron : One of the representatives the most known for the graffiti and the Italian street entertainments often touching social questions.
  • Jade Rivera : Peruvian urban artist whose work, from miniature works to big mural paintings, knocks by the sincerity with which the artist describes the realities which surround him, the problems in which people are confronted in Peru and deep link which they have with their own culture.
  • Mona Caron : Swiss artist specialized in the muralisme, the illustration and the photography, she emphasizes mural paintings with community character.
  • Pastel : Argentine artist who uses the symbolism and the nature to explore and communicate stories rarely told on the war and the sociopolitical differences.
  • Sainer :Polish artist specialized in the graffiti influenced by the culture hip-hop, he gives life to timeless paintings around characters whom he stages in extravagant situations. This passage of the reality to the surreal is often occurs under the light of the twilight deep.
  • Seth : French artist specialized in the urban design, his work incorporates local symbols and subjects of the environment. The message is often very playful and political at the same time.
  • Telmo Miel : Duet muraliste and creator of images from Netherlands, they often execute their works on a monumental scale, creating immense boards of painting on the facades of buildings.
  • Waone : Ukrainian artist influenced by the illustrations of books and Soviet magazines as well as by Latin American muralistes and the Brazilian graffiti which will lead him( to paint mural paintings. He gives to see a painting which we qualify as neo-surrealist.