Showcase projects

of the Hôtel Salé
Picasso Museum

Paris, France

Two monuments...
one renovation

The largest
public collection
of Picasso’s artwork

The Hôtel Salé, a 17th century listed mansion, was renovated as part of a turnkey project led by Eiffage Construction and its specialist subsidiary Pradeau Morin.  

Under the supervision of the architectural firm Bodin et Associés and the chief architect for historical monuments, Stéphane Thouin, 70 journeymen and a dozen engineers worked on the complete renovation of the edifice for two and a half years. The building has housed the largest public collection of works by the painter, illustrator and sculptor Pablo Ruiz Picasso since 1985.


Whereas the former museum lacked capacity and was no longer compliant with safety standards, the new venue is grand and majestic, a space accentuated by the whiteness of its walls and omnipresent natural light.

A revised layout and new underground spaces tripled the number of exhibition halls for permanent collections.

The general public can also access the loft space with its grand baroque framework, the Salle des Boiseries (a wood-panelled room dating back to the 17th century and listed as a historical monument) and the second floor, which was formerly for private use only.

A meticulous

The total surface area open to the general public has grown from 1,600 m2 to 3,800 m2. Eiffage Construction teams performed meticulous, sophisticated renovation work in accordance with traditional construction methods. 

Stonecutters, masons, joiners, locksmiths and metalworkers from Pradeau Morin all pooled their skills on site. The wrought-iron specialists renovated the balustrades of the Grand Stairway while the ceilings and internal parts of the stairway featuring traditional mouldings and trims were also refurbished.


To rework the murals, craftsmen used stucco due to its easy handling and its resemblance to the original stone work. This project stands as proof of Eiffage expertise in rehabilitating historical monuments, with Pradeau Morin its trump card for the renovation of heritage assets.

Drawing on 120 years of experience, the company is well qualified to perform facade renovation work as well as structural work and stonework for historical buildings.