Showcase projects

140 wooden
residential units
in Ris-Orangis

Ris-Orangis, France
cross-laminated timber


largest wooden
housing project

Eiffage Construction and co-contractor Mathis built Europe’s largest wooden residential building on behalf of Promicéa in 2016, providing a total of 140 housing units in a five-storey building spanning a total floor space of 8,800m2 in Les Docks de Ris, an eco-neighbourhood in Ris-Orangis, south of Paris.

The design is the work of architects Wilmotte & Associés, who worked hand in hand with Woodeum, a cross-laminated timber specialist.

The façades are composed of 681 CLT panels and the floors of 211 CLT panels.

the carbon footprint

This building was the first to be awarded the Low Carbon Building Label (BBCA), a certification advocated by Eiffage Construction, project stakeholders and companies in the building sector.

The 1,911m3 of cross-laminated timber captures 880 tonnes of CO2, a huge advantage equivalent to the building’s hot water and heating consumption for 88 years.

In terms of energy use, the building aims to improve on RT 2012 performance criteria by 30% with the installation of a biomass-fired central heating system.

turnaround times

The logistics necessary for the delivery of CLT panels required eight times fewer lorries than for a traditional building project. The façades were pre-fabricated and delivered according to their order of assembly. With the help of three cranes, each storey was assembled in six days, halving the time usually needed for structural works.

This technique reduced the construction timeframe to one year, which is 33% faster than traditional turnaround times.