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shopping centre

Poznan, Poland
shopping lifestyle

A Franco-Polish
success story

One of the largest
shopping complexes
in Europe

The project was the brainchild of global commercial property developer Apsys, which set out to build a modern 320,000 m2 shopping centre in Poznan, Poland, to showcase the group's cutting-edge expertise in Eastern Europe.

Eiffage Construction is a long-standing partner of Apsys and served as general contractor for the record-breaking 27-month project, which involved 1,100 employees and up to 3,000 journeymen at peak periods.

The phenomenal undertaking is a showcase for Eiffage Construction expertise, combining human resource planning, technical capabilities and design excellence.

A mega project…

Posnania spans an impressive: 100,000 m2 of retail space, with 305 branded outlets, 30 escalators and moving walkways, 22 lifts, 13 works of art, 22 screens and digital walls, 1 conference hall, an 8‑screen multiplex cinema, 1 sports centre, 1 swimming pool and 3,300 parking spaces.

Everything is designed to offer visitors a unique experience. Apsys Lab developed the concept with the dual aim of providing comfort and arousing emotion through connected and reinvigorating spaces, works of art, high-end services, and immersive digital technology.

calling for a mega worksite

In order to complete the project on time, Eiffage Construction achieved a veritable feat. The earthworks generated 240,000 m3 of rock and soil for removal. 143,000 m3 of concrete was mixed and cast.

14 cranes worked simultaneously to lay 1,000 m² of floor area—all types combined—in line with the highest safety standards.

200 subcontractors and 300 suppliers participated in the project. 1,400,000 working hours were logged during the structural phase.

  • Meticulous phasing

    Hundreds of hours of preliminary studies by Eiffage Construction engineers ensured everything was ready to go, qualified and labelled then incorporated on site in line with a meticulous phasing plan.

  • 75,000 m²
    of hollow-core slabs

    Hollow-core slabs are precast elements of prestressed concrete that constitute the active part of the underground floors. They are lowered into position with the aid of a tower crane under the careful supervision of journeymen.

  • Intensive throughput

    Structural elements were assembled quickly, requiring a streamlined organisation to lay nearly 1,000 m2 of floor area daily. 

    Teams held regular worksite meetings covering all aspects of the project and all trades involved to track progress and ensure compliance with specifications and lead times.

  • 19,700 m²
    of marble
    and wood

    Eiffage paid special attention to the numerous walkways used by Posnania customers. Carpenters and marble specialists meticulously laid 19,700 m2 of marble and wood, with the Posnania logo featured in black marble on a white background like a coat of arms on the floors of the rotunda and atrium.

  • An unparalleled
    selection of shops
    and amenities

    Posnania brings 300 Polish and international brands together under one roof.

    The Crystal Forum houses a premium concept store selling several prestigious brands.

    Visitors can enjoy the comfort and quality of a multiplex cinema with eight large screens or take advantage of the fitness area, swimming pool and spa. 

    There is also an interactive play area for children.