Showcase project


Gif-sur-Yvette (91), France
In'Cube Danone Research sur le plateau de Saclay (91)
mixed wood/concrete low-carbon operation

A pioneering tertiary building in low-carbon construction

InCube Danone Research

An innovation centre
at the cutting edge of research

Following the successful completion of Danone's headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison in October 2020, the major French group reaffirmed its confidence in Eiffage Construction by awarding it the contract to build In'Cube. Located on the Saclay plateau, an internationally renowned scientific cluster, In'Cube, Danone's Research and Innovation Centre, is designed to optimise the quality of life at work for employees and to create, test and incubate the innovations of tomorrow in the food sector. The mixed wood/concrete structure, the care given to the spaces for exchange and creation, the importance given to plants and water management, make this project a symbol of the ambitions of the Danone group.

InCube Danone Research

An architecture showcasing Danone's ambition
for scientific excellence

This research and development centre includes a number of offices and research laboratories, as well as "pilots", miniature factories for limited production. In'Cube also offers multiple common spaces for developers and researchers to work together on the design of new products. A tasting area, for the "testing" of volunteer consumers, has also been created.

The architecture of the building has been designed to ensure transparency and permeability of the block, with glass facades and openwork infill, allowing the various collaborative spaces to interact. Innovation was the key word in the architectural design of this office building; the use of wood is a fine example. The use of wood is a good example of this. It is predominant throughout the building and lends a warm and original atmosphere to the whole. Eiffage Construction, the contractor for macro-lot 2, was responsible for the foundations, the wood/concrete structure, the waterproofing and the metalwork and locksmithing. Eiffage Construction Bois and Savare were involved in this project for the installation of the wooden structure and the Sheds, the project's showcase and architectural signature. The latter are made up of two 16-metre long beams, some of which were manufactured in the workshop by Savare.

InCube Danone Research

An exemplary low-carbon construction

With its 21,000 m2 of floor space, this mixed wood/concrete operation, which meets strong low-carbon objectives, perfectly embodies the Eiffage Group's environmental strategy.

By using materials that have a very low impact on the environment, such as wood (used as a structural element (glued laminated wood posts in the facade's load-bearing frame) and in the construction of floors made of solid wood slats), and by making use of the building's energy efficiency (thanks in particular to its compactness, its external blinds and the presence of photovoltaic panels), the project is a model of low-carbon construction, The building achieves an unprecedented carbon threshold for an industrial building with a carbon weight of 360 kgCO2eq/m² for macro-lot n°2, enabling it to aim for BBCA V3, HQE Bâtiment Durable 2016 level Excellent, BREEAM NC 2016 level Excellent, Osmoz (1 lever) and Ready2Services (1 star) certification.

InCube Danone Research

Briefly :

- 17,000 m3 of concrete, including 11.000 m3 of low carbon concrete (CEM III A)
- 1 250 T of steel
- 8 323 m² of wooden floors and 733 m3 of glued laminated timber columns
- 3 cranes
- 11 months of structural work
- 28 journeymen (including 9 Savare)
- 24m high
- 5 levels
- 1 central plaza of 980m² and 10.5m high
- 2 900m² of green terraces
- 1 garden terrace of 1 100m² with an orchard
- 1 rain garden of 1,000m² in the open ground

Client : Danone Research
Project management : JONES LANG LASSALLE OPC et Artélia
Architect : Arte Charpentier Architectes
General contractor : Eiffage Construction