Showcase project

Emergency housing

Périgueux (24), France
Low Carbone

low-carbon express construction for emergency accommodation made of former maritime containers in Périgueux !

B3 Ecodesign, the expert for bulidings’ construction made of former shipping containers

Specialized in low-carbon and sustainable modular construction, B3 Ecodesign has been part of Eiffage Construction since the end of 2019 and is already enjoying great success. It uses the technique of upcycling end-of-life shipping containers to create housing, offices, shops, medical centres, restaurants, etc. At the end of 2020 in Périgueux (France), emergency housing for 62 people was delivered to Synonim, a subsidiary of Nexity. Sold to the social landlord Domofrance, the operation is entrusted to Halte 24.

Modular construction, an innovative solution with many advantages

Made of maritime containers, the construction method used is modular. It has many advantages:

  • Industrialized construction in exceptional timeframes (9 months, including 3 months in the workshop, were necessary for the project in Périgueux)
  • A reduced carbon footprint (good energy performance and less transport on site)
  • Optimal quality
  • Numerous possibilities for all types of buildings thanks to its modularity

This solution is one of the many initiatives taken by Eiffage Construction as part of the low-carbon approach developed by the Eiffage Group and deployed in our businesses. 

Environmental and social mission in Périgueux

In addition to meeting sustainable development requirements, the operation in Périgueux fulfils a societal mission. 51 "end-of-life" shipping containers were pre-equipped in the workshop and since the end of 2020 have been able to accommodate 62 people in emergency situations.

Designed by Moonarchitectures, the accommodation can be adapted to different needs: families, single individuals living independently or integrated into a reintegration programme. The image of the place is meant to be welcoming and to encourage living together with collective spaces, relaxation and restaurant areas, and an office space.


B3 Ecodesign, an Eiffage Construction brand specialized in the manufacture of 3D modular buildings from end-of-life shipping containers

51 containers were used to create an emergency shelter for 62 people in Périgueux, covering 1320 m²

A prefabrication process that reduces delivery timeframes, site nuisances, carbon footprint and optimises quality

Designed by Moonarchitecture, the project was delivered to Synonim (a Nexity subsidiary), sold to Domofrance and operated by Halte 24