B3 Ecodesign: low carbon express construction site for emergency accommodation in Périgueux!

B3 Ecodesign: low carbon express construction site for emergency accommodation in Périgueux!

B3 Ecodesign, subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, has just delivered in Périgueux (24) in just 9 months an emergency accommodation center for 62 people. Specializing in low-carbon and sustainable modular construction, the company uses the technique of upcycling sea containers at the end of life to create housing, offices, shops, medical centers, restaurants, etc.

B3 Ecodesign has been part of Eiffage Construction since the end of 2019 and is already a great success! In mid-September, an emergency shelter was delivered to its client Synonim, a subsidiary of Nexity. Transferred to the social landlord Domofrance, the operation is entrusted to Halte 24.

The whole of the buildings with a total surface of 1,320 m² consists of a first building, close to the entrance, mainly dedicated to families, and another building intended to accommodate single individuals in autonomy or integrated in a reintegration route. The image of the place imagined by the architect Moonarchitectures is resolutely welcoming, seeking above all to show a qualitative image of the home.
The singularity of this site lies in its speed of execution of only 9 months including 3 months in workshop. This construction time is made possible by off-site manufacturing, via an implementation system promoting the upcycling of 51 pre-equipped marine containers in the workshop, thus offering an extremely low carbon footprint due to the reduced number of trips.truck returns on site.

In addition, the different modules also have the advantage of allowing the size of the dwellings to be adapted, by combining or dissociating the rooms but also by creating collective spaces that promote living-together, thanks to relaxation and catering areas and an office space.

The new RT2012 certified building has just been delivered for an opening in autumn 2020.