Embracing mobility leads to rich life experiences and greater versatility

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Journeymen on a worksite

Eiffage Construction encourages mobility among its employees while remaining attentive to their goals and guiding them on their pathway to career fulfilment.

Mobility is an inherent part of the Eiffage approach

Professional and geographic mobility is a pivotal focus of corporate culture at Eiffage Construction. The company fosters mobility by offering employees the chance to accumulate new life experiences and expand their knowledge.

No matter what the position or level of responsibility held, Eiffage Construction offers an array of mobility opportunities not only within its own business but also across other Eiffage divisions.

Eiffage offers an outstanding range of jobs and career paths.

Empowering employees to shape their career

Eiffage Construction is particularly attentive to employees’ career goals and empowers everyone to shape their own future. The human resources department provides an array of tools such as job/skill maps, job descriptions and training packs to give employees a clear picture of career opportunities in the company.

Annual appraisals offer employees a unique opportunity to discuss their mobility plan with their manager. Once a plan has been validated, the employee receives the full backing of the manager and the human resources department throughout the entire process.

The annual appraisal is the perfect time to discuss mobility plans with a manager.

Mobility structured by specific guidelines

Eiffage Construction has devised a set of guidelines to help structure and streamline employee mobility, including:

  • The respective responsibilities of the manager, the human resources department and the employee.
  • The timeframe and conditions for mobility as well as assistance with the actual move (Mobili pass, reimbursement of moving fees, etc.).

These guidelines allow everyone to change jobs safely and easily by reducing the risks involved for employees and their families.

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