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Eiffage Construction prides itself on offering all employees a chance to advance, enhance their expertise and widen their professional horizons. This goal is backed by a policy of well-structured training programmes and dynamic skills development.

Training is a focal point for corporate strategy

Cutting-edge technologies, innovative working methods and new professions are constantly transforming the building industry, which is why Eiffage Construction earmarks substantial resources for ongoing vocational training and dynamic skills development to help employees make the most of these changes.

Work meeting with staff around a table
Eiffage Construction help employees adapt to changes in the industry.

Dynamic skills development

Eiffage Construction provides a wide array of tools to actively develop employees' skills and help them further their careers:

  • Job maps provide a “GPS” view of all company professions.
  • Job profiles containing detailed information about each job listed on the map (function, tasks, required skills, etc.).
  • Training packs with recommendations for key training courses for each job to help employees further their careers and acquire new skills.

These three mechanisms constitute a “tool box” for the company and its employees by encouraging them to actively shape their careers.

Personalised training solutions are the key to success!

In addition to its full range of training packages, Eiffage Construction offers specific coaching programmes in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Master Chef, which enables team leaders and site managers to initiate productivity improvement initiatives.
  • Legetex, Eiffage Construction’s cost analysis software.
  • The fundamentals of the real-estate business for project managers and those in charge of property development programmes.
  • Online BIM course for all employees liable to use the technology as part of their jobs.
Eiffage university logo at the entrance to the premises
Eiffage Construction provides specific training courses for employees through its in-house university.

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