«Youth Capital»: employment integration with Eiffage Construction and CREPI Méditerranée

«Youth Capital»: employment integration with Eiffage Construction and CREPI Méditerranée

In partnership with CREPI Méditerranée and the interim agency PROMAN, the Eiffage Construction teams of the South-East region are recruiting and training 9 young people who are far from employment within the framework of the action called «Youth Capital».
This operation, which is also part of the signing of the PAQTE with the French State, aims to promote access to employment for people from priority neighbourhoods by training them and offering them a vocational qualification. This initiative is part of Eiffage Construction’s long-standing commitment to these integration processes.

«Youth Capital» is one of the many social initiatives launched by CREPI Méditerranée. It is set up in partnership with Eiffage Construction and Proman, an interim agency, for the second consecutive year.
The CREPI is a network of Regional Integration Partner Business Clubs, co-founded in 1993 at the initiative of Eiffage Construction. This network contributes to the return to employment of people who are far from it, especially young people. Their involvement in the process is reflected in the discovery of a job in the field, access to training and a sponsorship system.
This year, the young people in reintegration are trained in the job of formworker at the Eiffage Malaval site in Marseille. The selection of privileged candidates was made by the employment and training organizations (Mission Locale, Pole Emploi, EPIDE, ACPM, etc.) and focused on the 9 candidates most motivated and aware of the professional opportunity given to them. For Abdoul-Hamid, Adji, Anrifadjati, Eddy, Charly, Kayam, Mekki, Rachid and Youssouf, it is the chance to integrate companies concerned with their training, which carry values of trust, exemplary, benevolence, courage and pugnacity.

The accompaniment of these young people will take place in several stages in the form of personalized courses: 

  • 2 months of tailor-made preparation for the job as a formworker led by Muse Formation, AFPA and Prev'HYP,
  • 2 months of interim professional development contract with Proman,
  • 1 year of professionalization contract with Eiffage Construction,
  • a professional coaching provided by Prev'HYP for each candidate.  

On 16 January 2020, an important milestone was reached: the young people met their tutors at the Eiffage Malaval building site in Marseille. They have a real role as an accompanist and facilitator for these 9 promising talents.