Wood and rammed earth for a school in Fontenay-sous-Bois (94)

Wood and 	rammed earth for a school in Fontenay-sous-Bois (94)

On october 13th, Eiffage Construction Equipements and Eiffage Construction Bois have put down the "first log" of the construction site of the School complex Langevin in Fontenay-sous-Bois,in the presence of Mayor Jean-Philippe GAUTRAIS, with an objective of delivery of a primary school of 3 193 m ² for the start of the school year 2019.

Designed by the cabinet of architecture EPICURIA, the superstructure of the elementary school Paul Langevin will be realized in wood structure.
It will be a bioclimatic school in R+2, favoring biobased materials, including:

  • 13 primary classrooms + 1 help classroom,
  • a leisure center of 5 rooms,
  • 3 rooms of mutualized spaces + 1 yard.


An approach of architectural sobriety is adopted which aims at avoiding the useless structures. The structure of the building will be mainly in posts beams wood partner in a skeleton wood brought back in facade. This choice of envelope is the best environmental choice because he assures the durability of the structure with regard to the life expectancy of the work (100 years) and the lesser environmental impact with regard to the massive use of the concrete.


Some facades will be in rammed earth which is a constructive system in raw earth. Other facades will be wooden larch, established by panels 3 folds on which come in invisible fixation of thorns in larch. Other environmental device: a system of recycling of heat will be implemented by means of a wall whirlwind, also in rammed earth! The wall whirlwind is a system of solar heating said "passive", this device takes advantage, by effect of greenhouse, of the free energy of the sun.

The building meets the requirements of the label HQE.