Transforming La Coconnière into a real cocoon: new housing refurbishment for Eiffage Construction in Laval

Transforming La Coconnière into a real cocoon: new housing refurbishment for Eiffage Construction in Laval

Our Eiffage Construction teams in the Pays de La Loire region have just signed a new contract: from summer 2021, they will start work on 135 housing units at "La Coconnière", a functional refurbishment accompanied by the construction of 29 new homes. This project, which is being carried out on an occupied site, includes a number of initiatives in favour of sustainable development.

The buildings, dating from 1956 and no longer adapted to today's requirements, will be subject to many changes, with multiple challenges and on different scales: the urban scale, the residential scale, the built scale. Mainly, the work consists of rethinking pedestrian spaces, redesigning a qualitative city entrance by reworking the façades, proposing new public collective uses and private exteriors, recreating 3 independent residential entities with common exteriors, demolishing a complete shaft on one of the buildings, creating a new housing building, installing lifts...

135 housing units are involved in the project, supplemented by 15 new homes in reinforced concrete structure and 14 raised in timber-framed walls. Conceived by the LATITUDE architectural firm, the Coconnière project highlights significant verticalities through the use of materials (with metal and composite cladding) and different shades of colour that make the façades more dynamic while maintaining architectural continuity with the surrounding buildings.

The operation, which should be delivered at the beginning of 2023 to Méduane Habitat (social landlord of the city of Laval), has many specific energy and environmental features:

  • The rehabilitation part is aimed at the Promotelec HPE Rénovation label, the new homes will meet the requirements of the Promotelec label with a performance level of RT 2012 -10%.
  • The sectors and local partners are prioritised for the materials
  • The elevations are designed as Wood Frame Walls.
  • The circular economy is at the heart of the operation: water heaters, radiators, doors, timber, roofing elements, outdoor furniture, etc. have a second life cycle because they come from the BACKACIA platform (winner of the call for projects from the SEKOYA Carbon & Climate structure supported by the Eiffage Group).
  • Biodiversity will be integrated into the project, with the aim of increasing from 50% to 80% of the so-called natural areas or areas reserved for vegetation, the creation of islands of freshness, optimised water management and the installation of beehives on the roofs.

Congratulations to all our teams for this wonderful project, which is part of the Eiffage Group's ambitious environmental approach, and a huge thank you to MEDUANE HABITAT (Project Manager), Avensia (AMO), and our partners: LATITUDE (Architect), Flu'Bat (BET Fluids), Proj'Elect (BET Electricity), Ker Anna (Landscape Designer).

Photo credits : LATITUDE