The virtual tour of the housing, it is now!

The virtual tour of the housing, it is now!

Eiffage Immobilier developed, in association with the DSI, an application of virtual tour of the housing.
This application, based on the plans of a real accommodation T4 Eiffage Immobilier, allows the buyer to visualize live its accommodation and to choose the desired features in it.

The concept is simple: the customer evolves in his future apartment and chooses the tint of his floor, faucets, the facades of his cupboards …

The application offers a wide panel of choice because all the products referenced by the purchasing department are integrated into it (grounds, faucet factory, radiators, toilets, internal joinery, hardware store …)

Basing itself on the modern technologies stemming from the industry of the video games, the application benefits of a strong evolution capacities. T1 and T2 versions are already under development.

An more immersive experience with virtual reality helmets will be also provided.

The application will make its appearance in Eiffage Immobilier sale places in January, 2018.

In the meantime, you can discover it by watching the video here.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact:
•             Zakia Boudoudouh : Purchases supervisor Eiffage Immobilier
•             Flavien Massoni :Head of collaborative department - DSI