The "Villa Natura": an Eiffage Immobilier program encouraging urban agriculture in Romainville


Located at the entrance to the city of Romainville (Paris region), the "Villa Natura" project is integrated into the Youri-Gagarine neighborhood, designed in the 60s and 70s. The latter will be totally transformed thanks to a vast urban renewal project that began in 2016 and will be completed by 2027. The 125-unit housing program, delivered last July, was developed as a co-promotion by Eiffage Immobilier and Nexity Apollonia. It is an integral part of the ambitious environmental approach developed by the Eiffage Group with an agricultural roof covering nearly 400m².

The objective of the city and EPT Est Ensemble, the project carriers, is to open up the Youri-Gagarine neighborhood and offer better living conditions to the inhabitants. Social diversity is one of the priorities of this urban renewal, which covers 7.2 hectares and is designed by the urban architect Atelier Brenac et Gonzalez.

Located near the regional leisure center of the Corniche des Forts, the real estate project, delivered in July 2020, includes 125 freehold and 55 social rental housing units. The investor and operator is Seine-Saint-Denis Habitat, with a floor area of more than 9,000 square meters.

These homes, spread over 2 apartment blocks and 5 smaller buildings designed as "town houses", are built around a landscaped alleyway, forming an urban and landscaped vector between rue Vassou and the regional leisure center.

As the City of Romainville is seeking to obtain an Eco-Quartier label, the principle of urban agriculture will subsequently be generalized to the entire urban renewal operation, in connection with the market garden city, which is being built by Eiffage Construction. A vegetable garden will soon be set up on the Villa Natura farm, surrounded by large expanded metal walls on which plants will be able to climb. A freight elevator in front will allow access to the agricultural roof of 375m², whose access will be strictly reserved to a professional grower. In addition to this urban agriculture, the operation benefits from the NF HABITAT HQE label certifying housing of superior quality and performance (thermal, acoustic, natural light, load savings, indoor air quality, functionality, safety, respect for the environment).