The Toulouse School of Economics opens the doors of its brand new building to 2,000 students!

The Toulouse School of Economics opens the doors of its brand new building to 2,000 students!

Eiffage Construction has just delivered the Toulouse School of Economics, a building with daring architecture, located in the former classified centre of the city of Toulouse, near Place Saint-Pierre. This new building made of glass and red bricks, designed by the firm Grafton Architects, now overlooks the city from its 24 meters high.

The Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), founded by the current Nobel Prize in Economics 2014 Jean Tirole dependent from the University of Toulouse-Capitole has just opened its premises to nearly 2,000 students, including 700 foreigners and 150 researchers. 
Between the Place Saint-Pierre, the Canal de Brienne and the Garonne, the contemporary architecture of the new school of economics in Toulouse is integrated in the historic centre of Toulouse around four listed historical monuments.

This large-scale wsork true to the excellence displayed by the School of Economics aims to enhance its international reach, its attractiveness and to put a spotlight on economic and scientific research.

Eiffage Construction was responsible for the construction of this 11,000 m2 building, displaying contemporary architecture characterized by 300,000 pink bricks, 6 storeys and two basement levels. This construction site required 12,000 m3 of concrete and mobilized up to 500 collaborater of Eiffage.
The building houses offices and classrooms, numerous open spaces (patios and terraces) and six auditoriums, from 40 to 150 seats, to host conferences and scientific seminars.

On the fifth and sixth floors, a strong architectural gesture characterizes this place: the «cloister of heaven». This outdoor walkway, about 22 metres long, connects the two wings of the school and offers a splendid panorama of the Garonne and the city.

A big bravo to the teams of Eiffage Construction who have worked for nearly 6 years to build this beautiful building!